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4 Signs You Need To Exfoliate Your Skin More Often

4 Signs You Need To Exfoliate Your Skin More Often

We all go through the daily upkeep with our skin that includes washing, hydrating, and making it pretty with makeup. But for some, exfoliation is one of those skincare steps that tends to either be done intermittently or forgotten entirely. Truth be told, exfoliation is a crucial part of your skincare routine, and if you’re not keeping up with it, your skin will let you know. Here are four signs you need to exfoliate your skin more often.

Your Skin Is Dry And Flaky

If you’re seeing scaly patches and flaky skin, that probably means that your body is trying to rid itself of dead skin cells. Exfoliation can give it a helping hand and speed up the process to get your skin back on track that much faster. Moreover, giving your exfoliation routine a little bump in frequency can help you skip the dry skin issue altogether.

Your T-Zone Is Oily

It may seem strange that oily skin is an indicator of your skin’s need for exfoliation, but it is. Remember that when your skin feels dry, it overcompensates and produces more oil in an effort to restore balance. So, if your skin suddenly begins to look oily around your forehead, your nose, and your chin, you may need to add regular exfoliation to your skincare routine.

Your Skin Looks Dull

Rough skin cells don’t reflect light very well, so dull, lifeless skin is a surefire indication that your skin needs to be exfoliated more frequently.

Your Skincare And Makeup Aren’t Performing As They Used To

Some people seem to think that their favorite skincare products just stop working at some point. But your moisturizer or serum may not be the problem. The problem might be your skin. The fact is dry, rough skin impedes the absorption of the products you use, so if you’re skimping on your exfoliation, you likely see the results written all over your face. Additionally, if you’re makeup suddenly doesn’t look fresh or as good as “it used to,” that could mean that a more regular exfoliation routine is in order.

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