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3 Ways to Style Your Mayvenn Silk Scarf

3 Ways to Style Your Mayvenn Silk Scarf

'Tis the season of love, and anything that cares for your treasured tresses is a win in our book. Our current gift with purchase is the perfect style pairing for this season and beyond. Check out these influencers' favorite ways to style your Mayvenn silk scarf... and don't forget to tag us in your look!

Content creator Lonyea Rutherford (@lonyeamaiden) pairs her looks with complementary makeup for a winning combo.

Bianca Okoye's (@bianca_okoye) custom color is a stunning backdrop for her versatile scarf styles.

Karson Camielle's (@karsoncamielle) curls get all the protective style action they need with her signature style.

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