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Copy The Trend: Which Texture Is Right for Your Desired Look?

4 Hair Trends and How to Achieve Them

So many new hair trends, so little time!

Thankfully, weaves are the protective style that keeps on giving. With the right texture and a few styling tricks, you can achieve most of the styles you’ve seen you’re favorite celebrities rocking lately. To make sure you’re always on point, we’ve rounded up four trending hairstyles and how to achieve them.

Straight Blunt Bob

Kelly Rowland Straight Blunt Bob

Source: Instagram @kellyrowland

This style has been spotted on boss babes like Taraji P. Henson, Kelly Rowland, and Teyana Taylor. Emanating sophistication, the blunt bob lets the world know you did not come to play.

A major key to rocking this look is to keep your strands sleek and straight. To achieve this, stick to Mayvenn’s ‘Straight’ texture. If you’re natural and looking to blend leave out, consider ‘Kinky Straight’. To protect your leave-out, add a closure or frontal so none of your hair is out.

To achieve and maintain this look post sew-in, you’ll need a good heat protectant, a flat iron and smoothing serum on hand to keep away creases, kinks or fly-aways.

Keep your favorite edge control on deck to ensure you’re slicked down on all fronts. At night, be sure to use a satin scarf to preserve all of your hard work.

Pro tip: When flat ironing the hair, lead with a rat tail comb to ensure you’re hitting every strand.

Textured Bob 

Kahlana Barfield Textured Bob

Source: Instagram @KahlanaBarfield

Want to go short but up the sass? Channel your inner Beyoncé, à la “Drunk In Love”, and opt for a textured bob.

For a textured bob, you’ll want hair that has just that: texture. Hair that naturally holds a slight curl will fare far better when trying to achieve and maintain this style. We recommend grabbing the ‘Loose Wave’ or ‘Body Wave’ hair for this look.

Unlike the blunt bob, this look calls for layers achieving the necessary volume. While we recommend going to a professional stylist for the cut, If you’re cutting the layers yourself, you’ll need a good pair of shears and/or razor. Check out this tutorial from Nicole Guerriero on how to do it. 

When you’re ready to add in curls, get them to look even more natural by giving them the “lived in” look. Achieve this is by creating flat iron waves and passing a wig brush through to loosen the curls up. Finish up by using a dry texturizing spray to help build and maintain volume.

If you need a little guidance on mastering flat iron waves, check out this video tutorial from Jaleesa Moses:

Tousled Curls

Hannah Brofman Tousled Curls

Source: Instagram @hannahbronfman

Whether you want to give off major model off duty vibes or look like you just woke up fabulous, tousled curls are your go-to style.

Consider this style the longer version of the tousled bob and for that reason you’ll want to choose a similar hair type—again we recommend ‘Loose Wave’ or ‘Body Wave’.

Like, the textured bob, use a flat iron to create waves then brush through to loosen them up. If you want to add more volume, hit your ‘do with the aforementioned texturizing spray.

Alternatively, apply a light styling cream to clean, damp hair, spritz in texturizing spray, then flip your hair upside down and use a diffuser to help the waves set in.

Gravity Defying Coils

Lola Omonaija Gravity Defying Coils

Source: Instagram @lolaomonaija

If your life motto is “go big or go home” then the same probably goes for your hair. 

Voluminous curls are guaranteed to land you a few head-turns whenever you enter a room.

You’ve probably caught on by now, the more texture the better when selecting a hair type for this look. For out of this world volume, go for our ‘Curly’ hair.

When creating this look, start by brushing out the hair with a paddle brush or widetooth comb (start from the ends and work your way up), then reach for a curling wand and heat protectant. For heatless curls, grab flexirods and your favorite styling cream. To avoid having to redo your curls every day, try pin curling them at night or pineappling to reduce falling and frizzing.

Are you planning to give any of these styles a go? Have any tips you think are worth sharing? Share below in the comments!

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