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10 Southern Hairstylists You Should Be Keeping Up With

10 Southern Hairstylists You Should Be Keeping Up With

From soul food to seafood boils and swoon-worthy accents, the south is known for a lot of things, including amazing hair. For the past few years, the south has been taking over the hair scene, with huge hairstylists coming out of places like Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Texas, and more. Let’s highlight some of the best hairstylists located in the south that are doing phenomenal work.

Catrina Deneice (@braidsby_trina)

Catrina Deneice is an Atlanta, GA-based hairstylist. With over 200k followers on Instagram, Deneice specializes in braiding styles for adults and kids, and hair loss coverage. Deneice does everything from stitch braids to lemonade braids and box braids to butterfly locs.

Photo: @braidsby_trina

Brianna Renee (@Tamedbybri)

Brianna Renee aka “The Lace Tamer” is a cosmetologist located in the Orlando, Florida area. Renee specializes in wig installations, sew-ins, and locs, and also teaches classes on wig installations.

Photo: @tamedbybri

Braid Barbie @braidbarbie.her

Located in Charlotte, NC is Braid Barbie. They specialize in different types of braids and locs including butterfly locs, knotless braids, box braids, feed-ins, and more! Braid Barbie also has their very own line of products including drip bands, precision combs, and edge control.

Photo: @braidbarbie.her

The Loc Queen @_luxury_locs

Based in both Miami and Orlando, Luxury Locs aka “The Loc Queen”  specializes in different types of loc styles including butterfly locs, soft locs, goddess locs, and more.

Photo: @_luxury_locs

Maya J. @lacedbymayaj

Based in Lafayette, Louisiana is Maya J. She specializes in wig installations and has even worked with celebrity clients like Skai Jackson.

Photo: @lacedbymayaj

Dessy Stylez @thedessystylez

Dessy Stylez is a hairstylist located in Atlanta, GA. Specializing in braids, Dessy Stylez does various braiding styles such as cornrows, feed-in braids, knotless braids, ponytails, and more.

Photo: @thedessystylez

Crystal Carter (@iamcrystalcarter)  

Crystal Carter is another stylist based in Atlanta, GA who specializes in wig installations. In addition to being a stylist, Carter is a business coach.

Photo: Crystal Carter

The Hair King @hair_king

Based in Charlotte, NC is the Hair King. His services include braids and wig installations, and he even customizes wigs by color and style. The Hair King is also very versatile, working with both male and female clients.

Photo: @hair_king

Karjah Carter (@karjahcarterofficial)  

Karjah Carter is a celebrity hairstylist based in Atlanta, GA. Carter works mainly in wig installations and has her own line called K’Lashy Collection.

Photo: Karjah Carter

Tae Did It @taedidit

Last but not least we have another Atlanta-based hairstylist, Tae Did It, who does wig installations and custom colors.

Photo: @taedidit

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