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10 Celebrities Who Rock The Best Natural Hair Styles

10 Celebrities Who Rock The Best Natural Hair Styles

In an era of wigs and weaves, it’s always refreshing to see women confidently rock their natural tresses. Not that there’s anything wrong with added extensions as I myself love a good weave. But, caring for and treating your natural hair is just as important as a killer hairstyle. And, those who are able to care for their hair while wearing their own natural hair more often than they take to weaves or other protective styles, I always envy! ‌‌

It’s a chore to do your own hair. Luckily, celebs have the means and the access of stylists on-demand to tend to their crowns. There are so many who advocate for healthy and natural hair, but here are 10 who’ve become synonymous with the natural hair club.


solange natural hairstyles best

Solange shocked everyone when she ditched barbie doll weaves and debuted her buzz cut. The shock was met with praise as she carried it with confidence. As her hair grew out, she wore a fro with a smile and became a hair inspiration to millions. She loves when her twist out ages, telling Essence Magazine: “I actually love my natural hair when it’s in a twist out and it’s been slept on for five days and revived by the steam of the shower.” Though she admits maintaining natural hair is a lot of work, she’s remained committed and has learned along the way how to manage her hair type and is always willing to give advice to others.


SZA natural hair styles

Yes, that long and thick luxurious hair all belongs to SZA. She grew up wearing her natural hair as her mom refused to allow a perm. After perming her hair in high school and noticing the damage from the chemicals, and an illness that caused her to cut her hair off, she went back to natural. She doesn’t use shampoo on her hair and uses solely conditioner from the Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural line. She told Harpers Bazaar in 2014 that she swears by natural ingredients, such as raw coconut oil from Whole Foods.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross best natural styles for hair

Tracee’s curls are her signature style. On the hit show Girlfriends, she donned her huge curls for 8 seasons. She still wears her natural curls but switches it up from time to time with stylish up-dos and braids. She stays pretty current on trends and is a natural hair care icon! She recently launched her own haircare line.

Issa Rae

issa rae best natural styles hair

‌The world was first introduced to Issa Rae in her hilarious YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl. In the pilot episode, she shaved her head completely bald. It was boyish to some, but she’s come a long way since. She’s come a long way and has worked with her stylist, Felicia Leatherwood, for seven years now. Issa once told In Style that her hair journey was a long process and it took her until college to love her natural hair. Thanks to her stylist and the help of products, her hair is her best accessory. “I’ve experimented with different products that bring it out the best, and give it volume, and help to easily style it. I just try a lot more now,” she revealed. For those who want hair like Issa’s, her go-to products include Hair Rules, Natural Splendor, and SheaMoisture.


Brandy best natural hair

‌For over a decade, Brandy’s signature look was any braid style. From micros, to box braids, to twists - she wore them all. She tried switching it up for a few years, doing away with the braids for what she thought was a sexier look that involved wigs and weaves until she realized it’s just not for her. She’s since returned to all-natural styles, normally rocking braids and twists and occasionally blessing us with an afro.

‌‌Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu best natural hair

Erykah Badu has proudly worn her natural hair for years. She wore locks and braids, before straightening her natural tresses. Now, she goes in between several natural and protective styles, but her natural hair is down to her lower back. She’s also playful with colors and hair accessories, trying out different dye jobs and gems that she includes in her hair. She never reveals many secrets, just that natural remedies are the best.

‌‌Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet best natural hair

Lisa Bonet grew up as America’s favorite Cosby kid, thanks to her style and attitude. Several years into the show, she returned with what we now know as goddess locks, inspiring a new trend. She’s done funky styles with her locks over the years, including shaving one side and donning hair jewels. She’s worn her hair locked since and sticks to an all-natural lifestyle in her diet and products she intakes.‌‌‌‌

Teyonah Parris

Teyonah Paris best natural hair

Teyonah Parris decided to go natural once she realized she didn’t remember what her natural hair looked like - thanks to wearing weaves and wigs for so long. At the time of her decision, not many products were on the market to care for natural hair, with the exception of Dark & Lovely, which she says was a lifesaver. With time and patience, she developed a system that works for her. She told Allure Magazine that her favorite protective styles are a mixture of braids and twists, as she prefers to not have to touch her hair. When she’s not wearing braids, twists outs and rod sets are her go-to. In terms of extensions, she relies on the brand Heat Free, a black-owned brand that specialized in unprocessed extensions to match your natural hair texture.

‌‌Tiffany Boone

Tiffany Boone best natural hair

‌Tiffany Boone told In Style in 2018 that one of her favorite parts of working on the Showtime drama The Chi was being able to showcase her natural hair. During her time on the show, she rocked her signature short fro. Her favorite routine is a wash and go with the helo of Kinky Curly’s Knot Today. Outside of the show, she switches it up from crotchet braids to lock extensions. She’s playful with colors as hair is a way to express herself. She hasn’t straightened her hair in five years and promises she’ll never look back. To her, natural hair is the most beautiful.

Kenya Moore

kenya Moore natural hair styles

Kenya Moore has been talking about her 24 inches of naturally long hair since she stepped in front of Real Housewives cameras. She started Kenya Moore Hair Care while on the show to promote the growth of natural hair. She sometimes wears a wig for a protective style, or clip-ins. Otherwise, her hair is all hers!



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