Malaysian Body Wave Headband Wig

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the headband attached to the hair in your headband wig?

Yes, one headband is attached to the hair. Five complimentary headbands are included in your order to layer on top; these can be changed to create a brand new look.

Can the wigs be worn without glue or adhesive?

Yes, headband wigs are secured with combs inside the unit and have an adjustable headband attached. No glue or adhesive is needed to wear the unit.

Do the headband wigs come in different colors?

Our headband wigs come in our classic virgin Natural Black hair color. We include complimentary headbands with every order for a quick style switch-up.

What is the density of Mayvenn Headband Wigs?

Our Headband Wigs come crafted with 150% density.

How much do your wigs weigh?

Our wigs range from 175 grams to 260 grams. What each wig weighs depends on the hair length, texture, and product type.