Ambassador Program - Social Media


Data shows that the majority of all online sales are made from mobile devices, and this trend is only expanding. Make it easy for people to find your online store by making it accessible on social media. Easily do this is by adding your Mayvenn Ambassador link and coupon code to your online profiles. Follow the steps below to add your link ASAP:

How To Add Your Link to Social Bios

  1. First, copy your Ambassador link and coupon code which can be found in the initial email you received when you were approved
  2. View this tutorial video for instructions on how to add your link to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


Mayvenn has a library of high-quality content for you to post on social media. Once you add your Mayvenn link to your bios, the next step is to begin posting. The combination of having your link in your bio and posting consistently will drive traffic to your website. More traffic to your website = more sales for you!

We typically send out free promotional content to all Ambassadors 3x per week. To receive text updates about newly available promo content, you have to opt-in to receive text messages from us.

To receive free promo content please text “Affiliate” to phone number 31694

Check out this tutorial on how to download videos from our content library: Opt-In/WeTransfer Tutorial


Now that your social media is all set up and you have access to exclusive content, it’s time to start posting! 

If you haven’t received promotional content via text, then you can download it from our Ambassador page on Instagram. Find us on Instagram @MayvennMarketing. We only follow back profiles with their Mayvenn link in their bio, so update your social media before requesting a follow back. 

When posting, make sure you use the tag #MayvennMade and other popular hashtags to help your post gain traction. Some good hashtags to use are:

  • #VirginHair 
  • #HairExtensions
  • #Wigs
  • #Bundles 
  • #GRWM 
  • #HairTransformation 
  • Holiday tags (#Christmas, #MothersDay, etc.)
  • Region-based tags (#DallasHair, #NewYorkHair, etc.)