Ambassador Program - Getting Started


Your Ambassador Dashboard is your hub to manage your account. Features include viewing sales history, set up payout method, commissions earned, and much more. Login to your dashboard using the information below to access your profile:

Dashboard Login Link:

Username: The email address used during sign up
*This is most likely the email address you used to receive the email

Password: Password you entered during the sign up process
*Or use “Forgot password” to reset your password.


As a Mayvenn Affiliate, you will have two separate links that you need to know:

    1. Affiliate Dashboard:
    2. Your Unique Affiliate Link

What is the Affiliate link used for?

  • Shop (to make your own purchases)
  • Share (to share on social media and with potential customers)
  • Get familiar with the products you’re selling

By using this link, your promo code is automatically added to the shopping cart

*It is very important that your promo code is used on every purchase, this is how you receive credit for the sale.

*Once someone places an order with your promo code, the email they used to complete the order is not attributed to you for 2 years. That means whenever they come back and shop with Mayvenn using that email, you will get credit for the sale. 

Where to share your link and promo code?

  • Social Media Bio
  • Appointment Booking Site
  • Blog
  • Email & Text Signature
  • Conversation starter
  • Business cards


Have you tried Mayvenn hair yet? Did you know you can get a discount on your first purchase and pay yourself when you buy?

Your first purchase coupon code for 30% off: FIRST
*This code will only work once and you must use your affiliate email address

As a Mayvenn Ambassador, we want to give you the best deal possible and enable you to be a walking advertisement for your new hair business. Go to your Mayvenn website and use the code above to get a discount on your Mayvenn Hair order. You’ll receive 15% commission on your own purchase too (when you purchase through your link)!


To increase the chances of getting your first sale within your first 7 days, complete the Mayvenn Starting Challenges listed below: 

Mayvenn Starting Challenges

  • Opt into messaging to receive free promotional content (Text “Affiliate” to 31694)
  • Add your Mayvenn website link & promo code to your social media bio(s)
  • Text and email your website link & promo code to all potential customers
  • Be your first customer. Purchase hair on your own website and pay yourself in the process!