Ambassador Program

Becoming a Mayvenn Ambassador is a great way to earn extra income.

How to get credit

There are several ways to get credit for a sale. You can also change your code.

Give out your personal link:

When they make a purchase after using the link, you get credit.

Give out your code to use at checkout:

When they make a purchase with the code, you get credit.

Getting paid

Payouts automatically happen on Fridays.

You will receive 15% commission on all sales that use your coupon code. Any customers that use your link will automatically have your coupon code applied to their online shopping cart. Your coupon code CAN be applied in combination with any eligible discount code available online.

You can also earn free hair for making sales. For every $300 worth of hair you sell, you’ll earn $50 in promotional store credits. Promotional credits can be used just like cash on your Ambassador website!

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