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Virgin Closure Wigs
Available with 5x5 or 4x4 inches of parting space, our virgin hair Lace Closure Wigs are ​​crafted to provide more coverage and less stress. Take your pick of Standard or HD Lace and 4 classic textures.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which kinds of lace do Mayvenn products use?

We use both HD and Standard lace. Swiss lace is used for our HD Lace Closure wigs; it’s traditionally thinner than Standard lace. Standard French lace is more robust and comes with a slight brown tint.

Can the wigs be worn without glue or adhesive?

Yes, all wig caps are equipped with combs and can be applied with gel or similar glueless methods.

What is the density of Mayvenn Lace Closure Wigs?

Our Lace Closure Wigs come crafted with 150% density.

How much do your wigs weigh?

Our wigs range from 175 grams to 260 grams. What each wig weighs depends on the hair length, texture, and product type.

Do your wigs have to be customized?

Traditionally, the more you customize your wig, the more realistic your wig will appear. You’ll still need to trim the lace to create your desired hairline. HD Wigs use thinner, more transparent lace, so you’ll spend less time achieving a natural look.

Are your wigs pre-plucked?

No, but our hairlines come with a natural density that can be further customized.