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Wigs 101:
How to Choose
There are a few main factors to consider when you’re choosing a wig. When you have a good sense of the look you want to achieve, your lifestyle and your budget, the rest will fall into place. Ask yourself the density, lace color, length of hair you want, and if you prefer virgin hair or colored hair.
Cap Size
Cap size ranges between 20-21 inches. If for any reason your wig doesn’t fit, reach out to Customer Service for details to return or exchange your product.
The fullest density clocks in at 200% - other measures are 180, 150 and 130. If the style you’re planning needs a lot of thickness, you should choose a higher density like 180 or 200. If you only need a little, consider 130 or 150.
Lace Color
For a wig that blends in and looks as natural as possible, you’ll want to choose a lace backing shade that most closely matches your skin tone.
Short and sassy or drama down to your ankles? The choice is yours! Available in lengths ranging from 10” to 24”.
Virgin & Colored
If you want to play with color, it helps to choose a wig that can be colored—in other words, you’ll need a virgin wig. Or, you could choose a blonde or platinum wig and have it colored the color you want.
Still Have Questions?
Customer Service can help!
Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a wig even if I have long hair?

Of course! Yes, wigs are for everyone, for all hair lengths. As a protective style, a wig is actually a great way to give your natural hair a break. Wigs are a low-commitment way to try out a new look without a drastic cut or color switch-up.

How do you measure your head for a wig?

Don’t worry, measuring your head for a wig isn’t as complicated as it seems. Check out our easy to follow instructions here.

How long will my wig last?

Quality wigs can last for years! Storing your wig properly at night, shampooing and conditioning often enough, and giving your wig some extra TLC will help it stand the test of time. We include helpful care tips with every purchase, so use that as your guide and you’ll be all set!

Do Mayvenn wigs use the same hair as Mayvenn bundles?

Yes, our wigs are crafted with the same 100% virgin human hair that you know and love from Mayvenn. Our hair is gently steam-processed and hasn’t been altered by damaging chemical treatments.

Is putting on a wig easy?

Yes! Putting on a wig is not as intimidating as you think! We’ve got tons of how-tos videos on our YouTube and other social media channels.

Are your wigs made out of remy hair?

Yes, the 100% virgin human hair we use for wigs is remy grade, meaning that all cuticles are in alignment. This helps to reduce shedding, limits tangling, and maximizes the life of your wig.

Do Mayvenn wigs need to be customized?

Yes, our Lace Front and 360 Frontal units should be customized. This way, your wig will blend seamlessly into your hairline for a natural appearance.

Is the wig’s hairline already plucked?

The hairline on our wigs is slightly less dense than the rest of the unit, but they are not pre-plucked. This is so the wig’s hairline can be fully customized for each client’s desired look.

Are the knots already bleached?

No, the knots are not pre-bleached. This is so each unit can be customized for each client’s skin tone and desired look.

Can I use hot tools on my wig?

Yes, you can use heat to style your wig with a heat protectant product. If you do not use a heat protectant, hair could become damaged. Curious how to curl a wig? Protecting your unit from any heat damage before using a curling iron, flat iron, or wand makes a big difference for how long your wig will last!