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You'll Have More Fun With Mayvenn's Blonde Bundles

Blonde Hair Inspo

Summer is heating up and I’m sure you’re ready to add some fire with a new look to go along with the burning weather. While you may be limited in the clothes you can wear on a hot and humid day, you can always slay with a bomb new install and have the freedom and creativity to make your hair your best accessory this summer with Mayvenn’s blonde bundles.

While many will rock braids or twists this summer, or those who wear weaves play it safe with black or brown hair, why play it safe? Turn heads and stand out from the rest by making a statement with a bold blonde. Summer only lasts but a few months, so make it count with something unexpected!

Afraid of colored hair that will shed like a dog, appear dingy after just a few installs or not last? Well no need to worry, Mayvenn’s Virgin Dyed tresses are unprocessed and unaltered and are pre-dyed with care by top colorists in the industry before it’s packaged and shipped to you. It saves you time and leaves no room for error of your stylist trying to achieve the exact blonde look you want on their own! You can guarantee your bundles will be 100% virgin hair in classic textures, colored to your liking.

With varying shades of blonde, you’ll have dozens of hues to choose from. Whether you are looking for an ombre that’ll glow when the sun hits or a full valley girl-esque blonde, you won’t be disappointed. Mayvenn’s wide range of textures to choose from gives you the option to switch it up with different looks all summer. Or, if you decide to to stick with one texture, the virgin hair quality allows you the flexibility of a variety of styling options. You’ll always be the focal point of any room you’re in with blonde as your color of choice!

So do blondes really have more fun? Order your blonde hair bundles and try these looks to find out!

Even if you keep it straight, the blonde makes it anything but simple

These blonde waves are perfect to blow in the wind during a day at the beach or pier

A sleek pony is always a good choice, especially with a funky blonde ombre blend

Be a bombshell with a blonde bob

Layers can add more flare body and gives your hair a more natural look

If you’re going to go blonde, go as blonde as possible with Barbie doll curls

Cut it up with a sleek short wave inspired do or go all the way with an edgy short cut with one half of your hair shaved. It’ll be sure to keep you cooler when the humidity it at its highest!

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