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5 Hairstyle Trends To Let Go In 2017

5 Hairstyle Trends To Let Go In 2017

Every few months, we are hit with a new hairstyle or trend to try. Some leave their mark and stand the test of time, while others transition out as quickly as the weather. While I am all for riding the wave, what works for some, does not necessarily work for others. With that in mind, here is a blueprint on what to avoid with the worst black womens hairstyles and trends. I'll also fill you in on  how to slay fiercely when you want to try something new!

Exaggerated Baby Hair

crazy laid edges worst black womens hairstyles

We all prayed for baby hair like Chilli from TLC, but as we all know, God gives us what we need, not what we want. Therefore, I need all of my sistas to stop forcing what you do not have. I understand the importance of laid edges. While your edges (or lack thereof) can make or break the overall slayage of your hairstyle, some of us have taken it too far. Don’t use a concoction of edge control, styling gel, oils and hair spray to achieve “laid” edges. You cannot create baby hair from your bang. Baby hair is supposed to be a natural part of your crown. Stop with the swirls, curls and extended side burns. Simply smooth it out or slick it down with minimal product and/or with a toothbrush. And in some cases, it may be best to let your natural hair do its thing.

Exposed Pins

exposed bobby pins worst black womens hairstyles

Last I checked, bobby pins are used to keep your weave ponytail from unraveling. Now, they have become a style in themselves, even going as far as using them as headbands. Personally, it comes off as tacky. And, it can take away from the beauty of your hairstyle and overall look when too many pins are used. As Tamar Braxton would say, don’t be “team too much.” There are so many other accessories you can use to add spice to your look as opposed to going the exposed pin route.  Try cute accessories like  actual bedazzled headbands or even a cute little flower to give your hair some flare. If you absolutely must try the exposed pins and it’s not for an editorial photoshoot, please try and keep them to a minimum.

Colorful Braids/Twists

colorful braids worst black womens hairstyles

Remember strolling along the boardwalk during your summer vacation at the shore and begging your mom to get those colorful braids extensions for $15 per add-in? Then you’d head back to camp thinking you were the flyest one in your group? Well, that was cute when we were 8, 9 and 10...not at 26, 27, 28 and beyond. I’m all for adding a little pop of color to your braids or twists, especially during the spring and summer seasons. When done right, it’s cute and fun, but still versatile enough to wear on vacation and to work. But ladies, you should not walk outside of the house with your braids resembling the wrapping of a Life Savers candy pack. A nice blend of your natural color hair with an added burgundy or chestnut brown braid here or there will work just fine. Or, stick to one complete color if you opt for maximum hue.

Created Hairlines via Lace fronts

bad lace front worst black womens hairstyles

Lace fronts are a tricky thing and although it’s my least favorite hair option, I get why people are flocking to them. When pulled off right, it looks as a natural as a weave and in some cases, one’s own hair; they can also be a very protective tool when a stylist knows what they are doing. But when applied incorrectly , it’s a complete and utter disaster. The thing that bothers me about a lace front gone wrong, besides the obvious wiggy look,  is the unnatural hairline that’s created. I’ve seen hairlines go from bad to just, “Girl, now you know you’re pushing it!”

No one’s hairline starts in the middle of their forehead and no wig or weave should give off that impression. Sometimes they are not the appropriate color, and in worse cases, the glue from the wig isn’t completely hidden and bleeds into the hairline. It’s a tragedy. I don’t even know what advice to give on this, except to watch this tutorial on how to properly install a lace frontal. My hope is that you ladies find a stylist who specializes in lace front application, who is honest and who actually cares about you as a client as that is what you deserve.

Micro Braids

micro braids worst black womens hairstyles

This one is just a no-no for me. After six fabulous seasons, Moesha was cancelled in 2001, and micro braids pretty much died along with it (she wore them well, though). From the tiniest braids that appeared invisible, to thick micros that were rod-set, to long butt length micros and even shorter ones, the Moesha micro-braids were iconic. But even Brandy ditched the micros shortly after walking away from the show and presented her new glo-up to the world during the Full Moon era by opting for a straight weave.

Nowadays you can catch Brandy with everything from marley twists to long or thin box braids. But as all things, trends come in cycles.  Riding on public transportation this week alone, I spotted six women with micro braids. I was flabbergasted. Braids have evolved so much since the days of micro braids. With dozens of options to choose from, why would we want to set ourselves back by wearing them? Micros take at least 10 hours to install, and at least two days to take them do the math. And let's not forget: micros are horrible for your edges. Leave the micro braids in 2001 and twist your hair into the future.


I do believe that there's a small percentage of people who can pull off just about any style or trend; but, if the overwhelming majority is not killing it, then let’s do away with it. I like trying new things with my hair, too. Our hair is the ultimate in switch ups and versatility. I do however believe that less is more. So, go ahead and try something new, live a little, but keep it simple ladies. The point is to take the trend or style and make it your own!

Which of the worst black womens hairstyles and trends could you do without?

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