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#SkinGoals: Skincare Secrets To Help You Recover From The Holidays

#SkinGoals: Skincare Secrets To Help You Recover From The Holidays

With 2017 long gone and remnants of New Year's Eve confetti and streamers still being found in our beds, many of us found ourselves “baking” our faces with layers of makeup, indulging in favorite foods or drinking decadent spirits. However, with the beauty that makeup enhances and food/drinks that fill our tummies, comes risks. Certain makeup ingredients may not agree with your skin and can induce breakouts. Holiday food or drinks can induce weight gain or leave your skin looking dehydrated or textured. Even worse, if late nights from buzzing holiday parties left you exhausted; therefore, too lazy to wash off your makeup then it's time to detox. 

Mayvenn Hair spoke to Jessica Jade Batista, a certified Self-Care & Holistic Health Coach. She also is an Organic Skin-Care Artisan who is the CEO and creator of Sunkiss Organics. In our interview, Jessica Jade schools us on how we can remain flawless in 2018 without skin flare-ups or unnecessary bloating.

Mayvenn Hair (MH):  What skincare regime should millennial women take heed to, especially during the winter time?

Jessica Jade Batista (JJB): Women are aware that they should moisturize their skin upon cleansing, but aren't as aware of how deeply drying the winter air can actually be. Moisturizing your skin with a shea butter based cream every night is one of the simplest ways to deeply hydrate your skin. At night your skin easily absorbs the nutrients in your products. It's the perfect time add a cream with a thicker consistency to your regimen.

(MH): Shea butter is always the way to go! Over the holidays, we tend to eat food that's not particularly healthy. What should women be mindful of in the new year when it comes to being mindful of food in relation to their skin?

(JJB): “You are what you eat” isn't just a catchy phrase to get you to eat healthier foods- it's a fact! My advice for women is to enjoy their favorite treats but to do so sparingly. Why? Because simple carbohydrates like sugar or even white bread cause inflammation in your body. Inflammation causes a breakdown of collagen resulting in sagging skin and premature wrinkles. In other words, enjoy a slice of the pie, but not the entire thing. I also recommend eating a small salad or soup before arriving at holiday parties. When you're not ravenous it's easier for you not to overindulge and make conscious food choices.

(MH): Aside from food, I know a bunch of us were “beat to the gawds” for the past holiday parties.  What’s the most effective advice you have for women to wash their faces after a long night out of drinking and dancing?  

(JJB): Washing your face every night is a must- no matter what! Not only because of the damage you'll do to your bed sheets but because sleeping with a face full of makeup/ debris has some pretty nasty long term effects. Sleeping with makeup on clogs your pores which doesn't allow your skin to replenish overnight causing acne flare-ups and overtime premature wrinkles. My go-to cleanser is an oil-based cleanser or cream, and if you're really in a pinch Coconut Oil. Simply pour a dime size into your palms, gently rub it into your skin and use a warm washcloth to remove the excess oil. You'll not only gently remove your makeup but will also moisturize your skin in the process.

Jessica Batista, CEO of Sunkiss Organics

**(MH): **What about heavy drinking? What effect does “getting saucy” have on our skin?

(JJB): It's safe to say we all know that alcoholic beverages dehydrate your body, and that includes your skin which is your largest organ. Alcohol deprives your body of receiving vital nutrients and over time can really have irreversible effects on your skin. With that said be sure to up your water intake during the holiday season as this will naturally help to detoxify and hydrate your body. Remember, drinking water can be festive too! Add a little sparkling water with some yummy fruit or drink a glass of water after every rum and coke. Trust me, it will be a breeze.

(MH): Ha! Fingers crossed on that last option! Tell us, what are your go-to facial products for the winter time?

(JJB): In the winter time, I am all about hydrating my skin as much as possible. I cleanse with SunKiss Organics Carrot Seed Serum which is a moisturizing and cleansing duo that moisturizes while cleansing debris and makeup. I then tone my skin with the SunKiss Organics Aloe Rose toner which removes unwanted residue and tightens pores while refreshing the skin. I apply the Organic Bath Co. Nourish Night Balm for a deep hydration treatment which allows me to wake up with glowing soft skin. In the mornings, I splash my face with cold water and apply 5 drops of the SunKiss Organics Carrot Seed Serum and I am ready to take on the day!

(MH): The oil cleansing method is completely underrated but it has completely helped me refine my skin’s texture.  When it comes to makeup, many women (including myself) opt for big names like MAC, NARS and Smashbox. What makeup products should women be using that are outside the norm of the mainstream hot picks?

(JJB): When it comes to makeup I take a minimalist approach, and I always opt for organic beauty brands. What you put on your skin is as important as what you put into your body and can make a huge difference in the health of your skin. At the moment, I live for the Lily Lolo Sweet Nothings Eye Pallet and Eyebrow Duo. They give me that youthful look that I can't get enough of! My all-time favorite mascara is the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening mascara in black tea. 100 % Pure also has a Fruit Pigmented Blush in Pink Melon that's a dream come true for rosy cheeks. Last but by no means least are my favorite lippies by an Australian brand called Nudus. I'm particularly in love with their lipsticks in Amalia, Viva, and Dirty Diana.

For more winter skincare for black women and health tips, follow Jessica Jade on Instagram.

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