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When The Big Chop Is Necessary

When The Big Chop Is Necessary

There comes a time in every woman’s life when a major haircut, or the big chop, is considered. It can be an impulsive choice, as Sanaa Lathan’s character in Nappily Ever After proved. Or, it can be a thought out process. Either way, when women do it, they either hate it or love it. Whatever your feelings about your new cut are, you're stuck with it.

For others, a big chop is the only option. There are some instances that require us to make the move, whether from hair damage or just something about our mental state that makes us feel like it's time.

Here are the three most common reasons a big chop is executed.

Transitioning to natural hair

You’re done with perms and want to try and grow the chemicals out of your hair without cutting off a significant portion. I’m here to tell you though it’s not impossible, it’s not worth it. Your hair will shed like a dog for months as the chemicals die out and you’ll also have to continue to adjust to ever-changing hair textures, sometimes multiple textures at once. This means you’ll constantly have to try new products to try and keep up with the process. Just cut it all off. If you’re not ready to walk around with a short cut, wear a wig or protective styles like braids and twists.

Irreversible hair damage

Over time, manipulating your hair with extensions and continued styling can cause damage. People who’ve dyed their hair know what I am talking about. Also, hair dye and other chemical treatments can bring on their own set of challenges, if not properly kept up and treated. There are some things a trim just cannot fix. Cutting off several inches of hair may also not work for the results you want. A full chop, even down to a buzz cut, may be required to restart the process of obtaining healthy natural hair.

A fresh start in life

The idea that women chop their hair off when they are going through something, whether good or bad, is right. Just like the way you clean your home and relationships, some sage their home to rid of bad spirits and others purge people out of their lives, the same can be necessary for a woman’s hair. Your hair holds weight, and sometimes, it can be weighing you down. You never know how much your identity or your self-esteem is tied to your outer appearance and for women, hair is typically their biggest and best accessory. Freeing yourself of that and more with a big chop can mean the start of something new: a new attitude, a new perspective, a new chapter. Just do it!

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