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Transition Your Hair Care from Summer to Fall With These Tips

Transition Your Hair Care from Summer to Fall With These Tips

Slicked down edges, even with the help of edge control, stood no chance in the heat and humidity I experienced this summer. I cannot recall a summer, at least in the past few years, where the sun was this unbearable. Global warming was in full effect and my hair felt every bit of it.

My hair, that’s normally naturally dry, seemed to get plenty of moisture from the sun and was left in an oily state. My edges were rarely laid, if ever, despite piling on product when I deemed necessary to keep up appearances at work or social events. It literally flaked up the moment I left the house and resorted to a wet substance. Ugh…it was annoying.

I knew from the first day of the summer heatwave that I’d rock braids of some sort all season, which I stuck by. However, the summer still took its toll. Now leading into the fall months, I’m doing all that I can to sustain texture and properly care for my hair. If you’ve experienced a similar fate this summer, try these tips on transitioning your hair to the cooler months.

Protective Styling

Although summer and hair, specifically natural hair, normally go hand in hand, this past summer mine did the opposite. You may be excited to wear your twist outs now that fall has arrived; but, you should still be careful with how much manipulation you’re doing to your hair. Weather that is too hot is not good and nor are brisk temperatures, especially when higher wind is involved. Braids, twists, top knots, bantu knots and an occasional twist out will keep your ends hidden away from cold winds and lessen potential damage and breakage. I, for one, don’t want to wear braids another consistent 3 months...but I’ll do what I need to do to keep my hair healthy while mixing it up in between.

You Are What You Eat

I wrote about the foods and drinks you intake in a previous piece; this applies year round and should be consistent in your regimne. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals is a sure way to keep your hair follicles healthy and hair growth consistent. And, since hydration is always a top priority, let’s not forget to drink water!

Leave The Shower Cap In the Cabinet

Our hair loves steam. Instead of a shower cap, put your hair in a ponytail and/or tie it down with the silk scarf that you usually sleep in to protect it from getting damp, fuzzy or drying out. A bonus tip: opt out of anything other than a silk scarf during sleep as well - cotton materials draw out moisture from your hair and it’s not good to go overboard with products in an attempt to reverse those effects.


After washing and even styling, coat your ends with a sealing product to lock in the moisture. Sealants act as barriers between hair and other elements. Shea butter is a great option, as well as various oils: olive, almond and jojoba oil.

Trim In Advance

We should always get our hair trimmed as needed. But, why not work ahead and get a trim before the official start of fall? It will help in minimizing the amount of knots your hair produces, make your hair easier to detangle, prolong hair styles and make styling your hair easier. Go into the fall with a fresh look overall!


What will you do this fall to keep your hair healthy and fly?

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