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Styles We Loved From Queen & Slim

Styles We Loved From Queen & Slim

The Oscar buzz around Queen & Slim is well-deserved:

Stunning cinematography, raw storytelling and of course, the beautifully executed hairstyles. Lead hairstylist, Brian Badie did an amazing job choosing styles that reflected the characters personalities and highlighted the importance of hair as an extension of oneself. The colors and textures picked paid a beautiful homage to cultural styles in the black community. Here are a few looks at our favorites from the film.

Queen’s Box Braids

box braids Queen & Slim

The movie opens with our regal Queen wearing angelic white, with iconic box braids. Box braids are one of our favorites for its timeless appeal and versatility. Queen's length seems to be around 22 inches, which is the perfect manageable length for everyday wear.

For a look like hers, you can reach out to talented stylists like:
Nikki Collins @thebeauty_bully
Dianna Lane @experience_dot

Waitress’ Edges

Queen & Slim waitress edges

This updo is elevated with incredible edge detailing. For a similar look as natural as this, you’ll want a 360-lace frontal paired with straight seamless clip-ins for extra length and volume. On your natural hairline you can use an edge brush or rat tail comb for precision. Some of our favorite edge controls include: Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Edge Gel, Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer, and Vonte Silk Effects Edge Control.

Naomi’s Rainbow Braids

Queen & Slim pink braids naomi

Naomi’s half-up braids practically graze her ankles with beautiful pinks, yellows and vibrant oranges. It’s unbelievably playful and matches her energetic spirit in the film. Badie, partnered with the gifted hair stylist Tiffany Head of Diva Doll Hair Braiding in Atlanta to achieve this stunning look. These mesmerizing tones could inspire anyone to want to try 40 inch braids.

Some stylists that can help you achieve this look would be:
Channelle Bonner of @cocoahuebeaute or Tiffany Head @divadollhairbraiding herself.


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