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The Ultimate Quarantined Christmas Gift Wish List

The Ultimate Quarantined Christmas Gift Wish List

The holidays are here and this year, shopping looks a lot different. Most people are flocking online to grab gifts for their loved ones, and others are braving COVID and throwing on a mask to shop at their local malls. Regardless, it’s harder this year than ever before to think of what family members may want or need, when most are restricted and not able to leave their homes anyway. With that in mind, here’s a gift guide for a shelter-in-place kind of Christmas.

Cozy throw blanket

Cozy throw blanket

When I saw that Macy’s famous Charter Club brand had a “cozy plush throw” I couldn’t resist. To make things more enticing, the model on the packaging looked nice and cozy on her couch. I couldn’t think of a better gift option...for myself and others, of course. It’s the perfect gift, considering most of America is still under some form of COVID restrictions and snuggled up on their sofas for part of the day. It’s cold in many parts of the world and this blanket will surely keep you warm. Charter Club isn’t the only brand, either - there are dozens to choose from in-store or almost anywhere online. And act fast, because the holiday deals are a true steal.

Pajamas, socks, and robes

Pajama set

Every year, an aunt of mine always gives her nieces and nephews pajamas for Christmas. It never fails. I used to think she was just too lazy to think of and shop for personalized gifts, and to an extent I still do, but this year pajamas are needed. Again, we are in the land of COVID, quarantine, and work from home. Ain’t nobody getting dressed. Throw on a good fluffy robe, a pair of comfy socks, and grab some coffee to start your remote workday each morning. It’s such a delight.

Wine and Spirits

Wine gift box

I’ve always loved a good cocktail or bottle of wine, but it’s increased thanks to the current state of the world. Most people are doing their grocery shopping online nowadays, and because so many people are working from home there’s definitely a shortage of wine and spirits. Luckily, there are online wine boutiques and wine clubs. Gift someone a membership or send them a box on you for Christmas this year. It saves them time from having to go outside and search on their own when we are only supposed to go outside for essential services...not that wine isn’t essential :)

Gift card for food delivery

DoorDash gift card

DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub’s stock should be through the roof considering the increase in traffic. With many restaurants not allowing dine-in services, most people are ordering takeout from their favorite dining or fast food establishments. And over the holiday break, a lot of us want to relax and not have to cook. But, there are some who take the time to learn new recipes and in those cases, give them a cookbook and let them rock out in the kitchen.

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