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10 Hilarious Tweets About Black Hair That Are Too Real

10 Hilarious Tweets About Black Hair That Are Too Real

Black hair is bold, beautiful and uniquely our own. While we love our hair and all of the versatility that comes with it, we can't deny the hilarious hair struggles we have to endure from time to time. Simple tasks like getting a touch-up at the salon or raking a comb through becomes an hours-long mission that, frankly, leaves us emotionally exhausted. And don't get us started on the time it takes to install a new style! It's pretty much the norm for hair appointments to start before lunchtime and end way past dinner.

In their post, '29 Tweets About Hair That Will Make Black Girls Laugh Way Harder Than They Should,' Buzzfeed rounded up the funniest--and realest--tweets about the trials and tribulations of having Black hair. While we can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, we can't help but nod at each one in agreement--and silently cry.

Well, this is awkward.

him: "i wanna pick you up at 3 am and go an adventure and watch the sunrise with you"

— milka (@ariesjpeg) June 2, 2016

The wig that got away...


If my wig fell off in public, I would leave it and just start running. I would not stop running till I get to heaven.

— Blackie (@Theblvckcupcvke) September 21, 2015

Way to kill the mood.


When y'all taking a romantic bath & he mumbles "sick of seeing that stupid shit on your head..."

— [GHETTO GOTH]? (@yunggvirgil) March 29, 2016

Now that's love.

when your leave out blowing in the wind and your man holds it in place <3

— itchy leave out (@vixensewin) April 4, 2016

RIP to her free time for the week and her edges.

This poor woman has 9 braids in her head. She has 6 million more to go.

— Yoli (@YoliYoli_) July 15, 2016

It might be a little too tight.

Black girls: Have you ever done your hair so tight that you can hear your heart beating in your scalp lol

— Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) July 12, 2016

Lord, bless the glow up.

Dear black girls,
Let us never forget where we came from. #HumbleBeginnings

— Smillee Sims (@smilleesims) February 14, 2016

The swtich-up is real.

I moved to one babe one night.

I moved to another the next night.

They turned out to be the same girl.

She just switched wigs.

The end.

— Shooter Shane (@PuddiSRC) July 13, 2016

The shop owner knows what's good.

#blacksalonproblems When you run out of hair so you gotta run to the store like

— Lonna (@Tha_Quiet_Storm) May 26, 2016

Calls job and calls in sick

“You like it?"
Me: yes
me in the car #blacksalonproblems

— @haaaylola (@haaaylola) May 26, 2016

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