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The Best Color Wax for Natural Hair

The Best Color Wax for Natural Hair

TikTok and YouTube’s color wax trend has encouraged more and more people to experiment with color in their hair. Color wax is an alternative meant for those who want to color their hair temporarily, without having to bleach or dye their hair beforehand. The wax typically stays in your hair until you are ready to wash it out, and is super easy to apply. Many color wax brands are catered to women with curly and kinky hair patterns, making them easy to apply. Here are some of our favorite color wax products for a quick and temporary hair color switch-up.

Ors Curls Unleashed Color Blast

Ors Curls Unleashed Color Blast is a temporary color wax made for natural hair that comes out in just one wash. The wax has a thick moisturizer-like texture that makes it easy to apply, and it defines curls. The wax comes in over 14 colors and is perfect for mixing and matching. You can purchase this hair wax from retailers like Walmart, Target, Amazon, or directly from their website.

Mofajang Hair Coloring Material

Mofajang’s hair wax is another temporary wax brand that is great for temporarily coloring your hair. This hair wax comes in 9 bold and bright shades like grey, red, silver, and purple. This product also helps to style your hair. You can purchase Mofajang’s Hair Coloring Material on Amazon for around $7.


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Curlsmith Hair Makeup

Curlsmith’s Hair Makeup is the perfect product to color your kinky or coily curls. This temporary hair color product comes in five vibrant shades of blue, yellow, red, copper, and pink. The product is meant to be applied on damp and detangled hair, and dries once the hair is fully dry. You can purchase Curlsmith’s Hair Makeup from Ulta or on their website.

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