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Style Spotlight: Gia Casey

Style Spotlight: Gia Casey

There’s not many celebrity Instagram pages that I stalk. Outside of checking on The Shade Room’s page for a good laugh in between my assignments at work, I try to limit my social media engagement. But one person’s page I will continue to check on the regular is Gia Casey’s.

Wife of The Breakfast Club’s co-host DJ Envy, the beautiful mother of five represents all things fashionable, dramatic and opulent. I began following her after tuning into the couple’s relationship podcast and fell in love with her life after seeing her love for all things grand. Unlike most, Gia doesn't come off in a flashy or “look at me and what I have” way; instead, she shares her very fabulous life with her fans to let us know that we can have it to.

Through social media, her podcast, and upcoming reality show, Gia is becoming known outside of being the wife of the co-host of a popular radio morning show. She’s developed a following of people who flock to her IG page to see which latest outfit she’s rocking.

With a love of labels and color, Gia is normally dressed from head to toe, normally sticking to one color scheme. The girl has the shirt, bottoms, shoes and purse in the same color and is able to pull it off without looking gaudy. I normally don’t like the extra-matchy looks, but she makes it work.

One of my favorite things that she shares with her followers occurs during the holiday season. A tradition that started early in their marriage, DJ Envy apparently shops all year for his bride and presents her with lavish gifts and a poem to match during the 12 days leading up to Christmas. There’s jewelry, purses, shoes, coats and everything else a girl could dream of. Gia shows it all as we live vicariously through her.

She’s known for being the stylist of the family, posing with them and dressing her husband and children to match whatever she wears for the day. Whether it’s a family vacation, a public appearance, or just a chill day at home, she has attire for any occasion and never disappoints.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Gia Casey fashion moments.

His & Her’s

A Family Affair

Gia’s 12 Days Of Christmas Gifts Display

Are you swooning over Gia’s luscious style? Which celeb IG pages are you stuck on? Let us know in the comments!

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