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Style Spotlight: Adrienne Houghton

Style Spotlight: Adrienne Houghton

I’ve loved Adrienne Houghton (formerly Adrienne Bailon) since she was showing tweens and teens what Girl Power was as Chanel in the Disney Channel movie The Cheetah Girls. Even before that, I always sang her parts in 3LW songs during karaoke with my cousins. While Adrienne has always been a beautiful girl, during her 3LW and Disney days she presented herself with a girls-next-door look. Flash forward to the present and she’s evolved into a full-blown fashionista, with a wardrobe enviable enough for me to yearn for just one hour to ravage her walk-in-closet.

Adrienne’s style is chic and classic, yet sexy, as she isn’t afraid to show off those Latina curves. Her Instagram page is to die for, she posts perfect shots that show off her graceful style. She stays camera ready! With a petite frame of just 4’11”, she often wears high waisted pants or skirts and heels (she recently revealed that she’s a children’s size 2 ½-3 in shoes!) to give off the impression that she’s taller than she actually is.

Never one to follow trends, I doubt you’d catch her in anything that’s on any season’s list of fashion must-haves. Instead, she opts for simplicity and solid colors; she doesn’t mix too many patterns that can throw an outfit off or cause a headache when it meets the eye.

“I’m more of a neutrals and whites kind of girl,” she said in a recent vlog. “I think it’s the New York in me. Or, I’m in all black. I like to keep things simple.”

As a girly girl and someone who loves to dress up, I appreciate Adrienne’s knack for dresses and skirts. She often dons these looks during her gig as daytime talk show host of Fox’s The Real, and even opts to dress up when she’s not shooting. In a world of constant fads like the fascination with 90s hip hop-inspired attire, bodycon neon pieces, and joggers with labels printed throughout, it’s refreshing to see a woman who is always dressed as ladylike as ever. When she does “dress down,” it’s not a disappointment. She’ll throw heels on with a pair of jeans and a blazer, blouse, or even an oversized sweater - transforming the look into casual couture.

Luckily, Adrienne lets fans into her world with her YouTube Channel All Things Adrienne, where she gives lifestyle tips on everything from fashion and home decor to throwing a phenomenal party. In a recent video, she gave fans an inside look into her closet, showed off her favorite fashions, and gave tips on how to keep your wardrobe organized. The 18 minute tour and tutorial isn’t one to miss. In the video, she talks about her love of fashion - she even goes so far as to throw fashions shows for herself!

In a 2013 interview during New York Fashion Week, she spoke about the importance of personal style and her favorite fashion season.

“I love fall. It’s such a New York season. I look forward to experimenting and layering”, she said. “It’s about effortless style for me. Keeping things simple, even with hair.”

She lives out this philosophy through her daily sense of fashion. She pulls off the simplest looks by mixing vintage and trendy attire. She rocks everything from Chanel to Forever 21. She never averts attention elsewhere by over-accessorizing or doing too much with her hair. Her looks always come together with ease.

She’s become a fashion icon in her own right!

Do you have a favorite look by Adrienne? Let us know if you agree that she’s a true style influencer!

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