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Showing Stylists Love: Tips on Tipping

Showing Stylists Love: Tips on Tipping

We know that you love your stylist just as much as we do. They’re so much more than the person who cuts, styles, and colors our hair - they are trusted confidantes, friends, and part-time therapists! Gratuity can be a grey area, especially when you’re getting a complimentary service courtesy of Mayvenn. We’re here to help with a few easy tips for tipping and salon pointers.

Time is of the Essence

First things first, getting to the actual appointment is your first priority. If you’re running behind, give your stylist a courtesy call and let them know - the same way you’d want and deserve a heads up if your appointment is going to get a late start.

To Chat or Not to Chat?

Feel free to set the tone for your appointment - if you feel like talking, chat away! If you need some quiet self-care time, that’s okay too. This time is all about you, sis.

Take a Break from Texting

It’s helpful to think about not taking phone calls or looking down at your phone to text during an appointment. Have you ever tried to master an A-line bob while a client was tilting their head back and forth? Yikes. If you need to take an important phone call from the salon chair, giving your stylist a heads up is a great idea.

Tips for Tipping

When you’re all set and your service is finished, how do you feel? Is an extra special “thank you” in order? Remember that tipping is optional, and is totally up to your discretion. Tipping your stylist is always a welcomed way to show that you loved your service and appreciate the way they cared for your crown.

Spread the Stylist Love

If you don’t have the means to tip, it’s okay. Try showing your stylist love in other ways, like giving them a shoutout on social media, referring friends and family, or leaving a 5 star review on their booking site.

Here’s to an appointment that supports your inner and outer beauty!

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