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Summer Isn't The Only Time To Cut Your Hair. Check Out Short Hair Inspiration For The Fall

Summer Isn't The Only Time To Cut Your Hair. Check Out Short Hair Inspiration For The Fall

The summer months are finally cooling down after what seemed like the hottest summer in years. This year’s heatwave streak never appeared to let up. Even days into fall, many states throughout the country are still getting 85+ degree weather. But as daylight savings approaches and the weather dips in the evening, it’s a clear indication that cooler temps are near.

With the change of weather comes a change in hairstyle for most women. Throughout the hot summer, many have stuck to protective styles like braids and twists to keep their heads and necks cool. It’s also less management in the sweltering heat.

But, cooler weather calls for more flexibility with your hair. It’s a better time to rock longer tresses, weaves, and wigs or even dye your hair. A short ‘do is also an option.

Though many prefer to cut their hair in the summer because of the humidity, fall is a good time for the transition also. The heat from the summer can cause severe hair damage for many. Some activities including swimming, exercise, and spending too much time in the sun are contributing factors. Hairstylist Katelyn Bode told Real Simple: “Chopping off the damage is a lot easier than trying to repair it with products. Plus, it’s fun to start fresh for the new season.”

If you’re looking to start fresh this fall with a bomb short haircut, here’s a few styles to get you inspired.

Big chop (with mini coils)

A big chop doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a buzz cut. An alternative is to keep a few inches of your natural hair to make styling an option. I love it when women cut their hair and rock their natural coils. You’ll have to try out different products to help bring your curls out the way you desire, but once you do, your hair will be enviable.

Try a mohawk

A mohawk gives your short cut a little edge. You can get creative with the shaved portion of your hair by having your barber cut designs and patterns into your cut. With the longer areas of the hair, the possibilities are endless. You can braid, twist, straighten, add in extensions, and even add in some color. Growing the mohawk, out on the other hand, is a process. Many opt to cut their hair to an even portion to keep a cohesive look.

Buzz cut

I’m one of those people that if I’m going to do something, I’m going all out. If I choose to get a weave, I’m getting a long weave - or if I decide to cut my hair, I’m cutting it damned near bald. There’s something bold and beautiful about a woman walking around unapologetically with a buzz cut. To make yourself stand out even more, add some color but don’t go for the blond trend. Try blue, red, or a mixture if you feel like it.

Natural bob

If you want a cut but nothing too drastic, try a bob. It gives your hair body and gives you a new look overall. You can still style your bob in a number of ways, giving you variety. It’s also easy to manage and there are different lengths of bobs to consider.

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