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Self-Care Summer: Summer Gift Guide

Self-Care Summer: Summer Gift Guide

Summer is here and I am sure you are planning for the next two months to be the best season of your life. But with summer and all that you plan to take part in, you’ll need some accessories to go with it, right? As a social butterfly and avid traveler, I have come to find that with summer being as short as it is, the amount of money I spend on “stuff” outweighs the season. I just wish there was a good friend who could have purchased the items that I need for my summer fest. So to help you out, here are a few items you can purchase for yourself or someone you love to get their summer off to the right track - and they are inexpensive! Thank me later!

Personal Portable Rechargeable Pocket Fan 

My sister was smart enough to purchase this from Amazon for the Roots Picnic. It was a 90+ degree day, with high humidity, in an open park where we’d be for a full day music festival. She suggested to the group that we each buy one and we didn’t listen. Thankfully, she was kind enough to share the breeze because we needed it. I was literally melting in the park that day. It was too hot to eat, cold water quickly turned to room temperature and I was miserable. This mini fan saved our lives in that heat, and I mean that with every fiber in my body. Not only does it pack a big punch to be as small as it is, but it is compact enough to carry around and the battery lasts all day. If you love your friends, order this fan via Prime today; make sure to add an extra one in the cart for yourself!

**Fanny Pack **

Who would have thought that fashionable fanny packs would make a comeback as hard as they have?! Even guys are walking around everywhere with fanny packs, and proudly! Fanny packs are my go-to. It’s too hot to carry around a large tote bag. And, aside from the heat, who wants to carry around a big purse anyways? The larger the bag, the more things you’ll throw in that you more than likely don’t even need to be carrying around. Get yourself and your crew a fanny pack! They are sensible, stylish and affordable. 

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light Smart Phone Camera 

For all of my selfie queens, you’ll need this light to capture all Instagrammable and scrapbook worthy moments! Perfect for night-time shots, this works magic when you are taking group shots at concerts, midnight BBQ picnics and even during cloudy days. Your friends will never complain about the lighting in the photos you take with this clip. I promise you, everyone will be seen with the assistance of this light!

Waterproof phone cases

Going on a beach vacation or two soon? Then you’ll need a waterproof case to protect your phone. You’ll be able to take your phone with you without worrying about water damage and be able to capture all of your experiences. Be smart and purchase one that can store your ID/passport, money and credit cards to get a two-for-one purchase and avoid having to carry bags with you on your beach excursions. 

Mayvenn Hair 

This may seem like an odd gift, but I promise it’s the one that’ll matter the most. We girls fret over our hair more than anything else (with the exception of spending money) when dealing with summer travel plans or just our hair in general during the warmer months. Why not gift yourself, or a friend or family member Mayvenn hair to be set for the next few weeks of the summer season? Hair is probably our most expensive accessory, but thanks to Mayvenn, that’s no longer the case. Mayvenn’s Self-Care Summer contest gives you the chance to enter to win bundles of your choice (closures or frontals included) and we will pay for you to get them installed. That’s a shampoo, condition, braid down, sew-in, and style, all on us. Visit our Instagram page daily to enter!

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