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What Makes You Feel Beautiful? | Inside ESSENCE Festival 2016

What Makes You Feel Beautiful? | Inside ESSENCE Festival 2016

"What makes you feel beautiful?"

Hesitating to come up with an answer? We have to admit--it's not a question we (and most women) ruminate on daily. But why is that? When it comes to our mental health, self-care is key to not only our personal happiness, but our survival as the fabulous humans we are.

We all innately know what makes us feel good on the surface: eating chocolate, finding the perfect red lipstick, or twerking it out to our favorite song. But when it comes to filling up your me-time meter: what feeds your soul, lifts your confidence, and has you switching your hips down the street like Bey looking for bae a la *Crazy In Love? *

We touched down in N'awlins (New Orleans, for the uninitiated) for ESSENCE Magazine's 22nd annual ESSENCE Fest to find out what makes you feel #RealBeautiful. Looking for inspiration on how to feel more beautiful? See what ESSENCE Fest attendees had to say in the video below!

Remember, it's totally ok to not know yet what makes you feel like your best self, but once you find out, exercise it as often as you can! You're undeniably worth the self-love.

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