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What Is Real Beautiful?

What Is Real Beautiful?

You are.

And we mean that.

We're obsessed with all things beauty here at Mayvenn. Not your conventional, Hollywood sort of beauty, but the beauty that comes from your own self-empowerment. We're much more than a hair company--we're a guide. We have curated a network of over 60,000 stylists who are committed to helping their clients realize their own beauty everyday. Real Beautiful is an extension of that commitment. For someone like you who is in the know, Real Beautiful is like your BFF in the multicultural beauty and hair world. You're already fly - we're just here to complement your style.

No matter if you're #teamnatural or love 28" long silky bundles that sweep the floor when you strut, whether you work a 9-5 to stay alive or own your own business, we all deserve to feel beautiful in our own way. And nothing is more beautiful than being real.

For real women, with real hustle, expressing real beauty. #ThatsRealBeautiful

Photography by Chandler Easley

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