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Protective Styles To Try In The New Year

Protective Styles To Try In The New Year

Are you looking for new protective styles to try this year? Here’s a round-up of some of the hottest protective styles you can add to your wish list for 2021.

Knotless Box Braids

An effortlessly timeless style that has become a go-to for many compared to the traditional box braids, due to the less amount of damage they cause to your natural hair. A great versatile style to show off your creativity.


Photo credit: @alissaashley

Passion Twists

This hairstyle took the natural hair influencers by storm last year. If you haven’t had a chance to try out this style, it’s a great way to express your free spirit through your hair.


Photo credit: @simonekendle

Passion Braids

Can’t decide between box braids or passion twists? Just combine them! This fun style is a great TWIST to traditional braids.


Photo credit: @thebrittanyshanice

Butterfly Locs

Everyone is rockin’ locs nowadays and this style is not excluded from the trend. This super cute look is great if you’re going for a shorter style.


Photo credit: @amber.aunaturel

Braided Bobs

The ’90s are back with the braided bob! Enjoy the convenience of a protective style and a shorter look with this hairstyle.


Photo credit: @joynavon

Colored Wigs

Get out of your comfort zone this year by rockin’ a few colored wigs. Customize your straight, loose wave, or deep wave wigs with a bold or subtle color this year!


Photo credit: @kierra_campbell

Slickback Ponytails

A very simple and chic protective style that can be completed in no time. To create a bold ponytail, make sure you use more bundles of hair, like a deep wave or curly, so the hair doesn’t look thin or flat and is long enough to stand out.


Photo credit: @freshlengths

Bantu Knots

A great go-to style for the summer, these knots can be as versatile as you want them to be by playing with height and size. If you want to go for a thicker look, try adding bundles to the knots. Hair accessories like clips and jewels are also a great addition if you want to amp up the style!


Photo credit: @teairawalker

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