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New Year Fashion Must-Haves

New Year Fashion Must-Haves

Last year was the first year I went out as an adult to celebrate NYE. It was quite the experience. Normally, I ring in the New Year with my family with takeout, drinks and in a comfy onesie - which has always been great. But for some reason, I wanted to go out and turn up in a cute outfit, hair tossed and makeup for the gawds. Although I had such a good time, it was a hassle figuring out what to wear. To save you the same trouble, I put together a little NYE fashion guide for your convenience.

Faux Fur Coat

Why? Because it’s cold bihhh (at least in the Midwest and East Coast)! I learned the hard way. My velvet and strapless leotard, bedazzled mini skirt and regular winter coat in an attempt to be “cute” transitioned into me liquoring myself up more than necessary to stay warm. Granted, the alcohol is always a “yes”, as we should be celebrating the upcoming New Year. However, had I been smart, I would have worn a faux fur UNDER my winter coat to wear throughout the evening to complete my look and keep me warm. People are constantly coming in and out of venues and bringing the cold with them as doors open, so you’ll definitely feel a chill at some point during the evening. Plus, at some point you’ll head out of the building yourself to await your ride in the freezing cold. There are furs of every type, color, size, length and price to accommodate your needs. On top of that, furs add a level of class, fabulousness and posh to any outfit. It’s okay to be extra on NYE!

Bootie VS Stiletto

Be the fool who has to sit down for a majority of the evening instead of dancing because they wore heels that were too high and uncomfortable for enjoying the long hours you’ll be at your NYE party. Not to mention, you take the risk of being the friend who loses her balance and trips over her own stiletto because she’s had a little too much champagne after the ball drop. A bootie is the perfect compromise. It’s still a heel that you want to wear for a special occasion and it’s cute with your outfit. More importantly, it’s comfortable enough to get you through the night.

Clutch Purse or Wristlet

Do not carry a Barney bag during your NYE fun fest. You need something light, compact, cute and easy to hide when you’re in a crowd of people. It’s easy to dance and walk around with in packed spaces. It also adds a level of elegance to your overall look - a cute, small shoulder bag or wristlet versus carrying an oversized tote on your arm throughout the night. For NYE, add something that sparkles!

Why Pick A Dress When You Can Do A Jumpsuit?!

Again, it may be freezing cold depending on where you live. Not only that, a jumper is everything! They come in various styles and fabrics. You can do short or long sleeves, glitter or lace, straight- or wide-legged; you can even get away with wearing flats to get your Flashdance on if the pant leg is long enough. Truthfully, a jumpsuit can be paired with every fashion item mentioned above. So, throw on your faux fur coat, booties, and clutch purse, and add in some accessories. Get ready to ring in the new year with a look that’ll surely make the other partygoers envious!

What will you look like when you ring in 2019?!

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