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Natural Hairstyles to Wear On Valentine's Day

Natural Hairstyles to Wear On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means it’s time to break out the flexi rods! Now’s your chance to try out some new styles or put a romantic spin on the ones you already wear on a daily basis for the big day. Check out this list of natural hairstyles to wear this Valentine's Day - you'll fall in love with them, guaranteed.

Half Up Half Down by @lipstickncurls


If you plan on beating your face and putting on a bold lip color, this hairstyle is the perfect go-to to let your makeup look shine for the night. A fun and flirty style that can be amplified by adding a few curly or deep wave bundles for a thicker and fuller look.

Updo with Bangs by @lyssamariexo


The bayangs are back in style this season! Switch up your usual high puff updo by leaving your bangs out for a cute look. Even if you don’t have bangs, you can create a faux bang by pinning back the front pieces of your hair with bobby pins, so they appear shorter.

Flexi Rod Set by @nae2curly


Break out the flexi rods to achieve these loose and bouncy curls. You can achieve this look with or without adding heat to your hair. This style is a nice change if you usually wear your hair in its natural curl pattern.

Mohawk Updo by @dr_kami


Mohawks are not only fun to wear, they’re fun to admire as well! This chic look will have your Valentine’s date so mesmerized, they may want to try a mohawk for themselves.

Wand Curls by @naptural85


These romantic curls will sweep your Valentine right off their feet. If you don’t mind adding some heat to your hair, you can create these polished ringlets with a curling wand.

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