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Natural Hair Influencer Shares How She Went From Hair Love to Hair Hustle

Natural Hair Influencer Shares How She Went From Hair Love to Hair Hustle

After watching numerous YouTube videos, natural hair influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur Alexia Frith decided to start her own platform to represent hair sisters just like her. “I didn’t see any of these influencers with my kind of hair.”

Frith launched Kandid Kinks in 2016 and now has over 54K subscribers.  

What inspired you to start Kandid Kinks?

I was inspired by watching other hair vloggers that taught me so much about how to care for my hair. I also didn't see a lot of people on YouTube with hair exactly like mine. Another part of it was wanting to share my journey with other people that looked like me, and were on the same path as me. I didn't have a lot of naturals around me, so creating an online community was something I was interested in. The idea of helping underrepresented women in the space was also at the forefront of my mind. A lot of the natural hair messaging is about defined curls, and super long down your back hair. I wanted to speak to the women that didn't have that.

Have you ever worn wigs or weaves?

I have, and I love to be able to switch up my hair with them. They are super convenient and can provide you with a break from styling, which I'm sure every natural needs from time to time.

What are some of the goals for your platform?

A lot of the goals I have, I've honestly reached in terms of connecting with like-minded people with similar lifestyles, goals, and experiences. Across my platforms we have conversations weekly, not just about hair, but also about what it's like being a Black woman in this space, and at this time. It is enriching and insightful, and my audience honestly gives me just as much as I give them. So to answer the question, I'd like to continue to grow and reach more people that could use a community like mine.

What has been the biggest pivot you have made in your business and why?

The biggest pivot I've made in my business can be answered in two parts I think. I started sharing more of myself outside of hair and makeup. I'm generally a private person, so I'm not the type of YouTuber that shares their personal life on the platform, but I've definitely been sharing more of myself. More of my interests and hobbies, and more of how I see the world. I think it has helped my audience connect with me on a deeper level, and it has made me feel more fulfilled in what I do. Becoming more than a 'hair vlogger' is something I've always wanted for my brand. On a literal level, the biggest pivot would have to be launching my Hair Tools/Accessories brand 'For My Kinks.' I offer spray bottles, hair accessories and more! This has been on my vision boards for years, and I brought it to life in 2020. It has taught me a lot, and made me more focused on exactly what I'm doing in the digital media space.

The recipe for her hair vlog success?

Patience, confidence, and the willingness to keep trying new things until she found what worked helped. Alexia also had to be willing to learn new skills like photography and video editing. To aspiring YouTubers she warns: 'just be prepared to wait a long time before you see results. And, look to others outside your field to get ideas and inspiration.'

One of the biggest disappointments of a content creator?

Thinking something is going to hit, and it doesn’t.

What inspires you to keep pushing beyond the obstacles?

When I get a comment from a follower telling me how much I helped them or when I see how much love and support I get on my platform. So, I guess I should say, my audience reminds me more why I do what I do.

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