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My "Hot Girl Summer" Mayvenn Install In New Orleans Was A Hit


This year, my sister and I decided to embark on a bucket-list style travel pact. Our itineraries would be packed with vacations, day trips, mini local excursions and rooftop happy hours beginning in the spring and dying down in the later fall months. Out of our pact, New Orleans was at the top of our list. We’d been before to celebrate my 25th birthday during Mardi Gras, but this time we were going for the black girl magic infused Essence Music Festival.

Before our last trip - that we split between West Palm Beach and the Grand Bahamas Island - I had my Mayvenn Kinky Straight Sew In installed by my stylist. Four bundles of 16”, 18”, 20” and 22” had me slaying in the Sunshine State and the Carribean. My plan was to rock my weave throughout the summer to coincide with all of my travel plans; it held up beautifully in Florida/Bahamas. I was a bit nervous when heading to New Orleans with my install. Why? Two reasons: 1) although Florida heat simmers, I knew it would not compare to the humidity of Louisiana and 2) My NOLA vacation was gearing up closer to the time I’d need a new install and I didn’t want my hair to appear raggedy during my trip. I figured because I knew the heat index would be high and I'd split my time between enjoying the festival and lounging in the pool at our Airbnb, there was no point in getting a new install before my trip. I decided to just wait and schedule it for when I returned. Still, I had to do something because the build up was starting.

To prepare for my trip, I reviewed my Mayvenn extensions care guide and watched an accompanying Youtube video to wash my hair/weave for a fresher look. I used Shea Moisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo on my natural leave out and just the conditioner as instructed on the extensions. As per Mayvenn’s hair care guide, the Kinky Straight extensions look their best when freshly washed and blowdried, and they couldn’t have been more right. Not only did it look 100% natural (as it has from the start), but it completely rejuvenated the overall look of the hair. I had been flexi rod setting my hair and alternating between that and a loose wave look by braiding it at night. Over time my hair began to appear dull, as human hair tends to do when it goes without being maintenanced. But after my fresh wash and blow out, I was good to go. After all was said and done, I headed to NOLA with a newfound confidence thanks to my Mayvenn extensions.

In order to keep the hair’s texture and natural look, I braided my hair in 4 large individual braids at night and made sure to keep it brushed out for perfect blending. I hand picked and manipulated my hair after taking the braids down to get the final look I was going for. Because I knew I’d be in sweltering heat for the day, I added a little hair spray from TRESemme to uphold the wavy look I was going for. Surprisingly, my hair held up well in the heat. It remained light and though the waves fell slightly over the course of the day, the hairspray helped enough to keep the hair from not falling completely straight. 

I only flat ironed my leave out once over my 6-day vacation and that was because I got my hair fully wet while in the pool. I spent a lot of time in the pool and my hair looked amazing after it air dried. I actually liked my hair best after spending an afternoon in the pool. The bounce back was everything! The other times I wet only a portion of my leave out, and a brush did just fine to blend. When the heat was too unbearable and I couldn’t take having my hair down, I wore it in one braid or a ponytail. 

The icing on the cake was the reaction from the New Orleanians! I thought the compliments on my hair were good enough since having it but they LOVED my “natural hair” in NOLA, especially the men. There were even comments from some of the celebrities we ran into during our time, like rapper Juvenile, who loved my hair. 

My hair lasted through humidity that reached well beyond 100 degrees, chlorine pool water, NOLA summer rain showers and tons of twerking. After all of that, it’s definitely time for a fresh install. 

I look forward to my next tropical vacation with my updated Mayvenn install in September. I’ll be sure to give you girls a final review on why Mayvenn’s Kinky Straight is the best hair for you, for every occasion! 

Take a look at how my hair held up in that NOLA heat with some travel pics below!

At Cafe Du Monde with the crew (me on the right with hair in braided ponytails)

Superdome concerts with my crew (me on the left)

STARZ Power Day party (me on the left)

Sweltering heat - a 98 degree day


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