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Mayvenn's Virgin Straight Bundles Will Keep You Chic

Mayvenn's Virgin Straight Bundles Will Keep You Chic

While straight hair isn’t my go-to look, it’s the most classic and versatile. There’s something about perfectly straight tresses that give off a mood of royalty. A woman’s posture and overall aura reeks queen when her mane is straightly slayed.

Mayvenn offers the highest quality and natural Virgin Straight Extensions. It’s an optimal choice for a sleek look and perfected for you to do minimal work. It’s easier than other hair textures to maintain and requires much less maintenance. Straight bundles more than likely will also last longer because of its zero to no upkeep.

Straight hair is the easiest to style because it doesn’t have the blockage of textures within a texture that curlier and wavy bundles have. Of course, you have the option to add curls, but to preserve the hair, you can do so with heatless products, such as a roller set. Regardless, it will always bounce back to its original form once washed and prepared with care before another install. It also gives your stylist more flexibility with how to sew, or install the hair.

Your virgin straight add-ins will can have as much fullness, or body, as you prefer. Double (or triple) up on your bundles for that extra thickness and even add in a few layers to give it more pizazz. Feeling more risky? I’m all for a good bob or short cut with a few highlights.

And thanks to Mayvenn’s new kinky straight collection, your straight bundles go from dated to Roots Festival Picnic ready with it’s modern appeal. The kinky straight bundles will definitely give you the thickness you desire and have everyone wondering if it’s your real hair. SZA will have nothing on you!

Whichever you choose, you’ll be the hair envy of the town. Strut in your straight bundles with inspiration from the looks below.


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Simple Styles

Who Says You Can’t Be Kinky?

Added Curls

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