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The Mayvenn Men Become YouTube Hair Guru's [WATCH]

The Mayvenn Men Become YouTube Hair Guru's [WATCH]

Ever since YouTube first launched, the site for sharing videos has become a hub for people to find how-to's, funny cat videos, and, for the beauty-obsessed, hair tutorials. Through YouTube, all hairstyles have become possible for those who can't always get to their stylist quick enough. Hair gurus, like Peakmill and Tiarra Monet, provide a guide for us regular folk to slay our hair on the daily just like the pros, and we love them for it.

While we salute these women for spreading their wealth of knowledge, we decided to put the men in the stylist seat. Specifically, your favorite group of dudes--the Mayvenn men! Check them out in our latest video below where they show you how to achieve flawless wand curls for your next event.

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