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Maintain Your Bundles Through Humidity, Water, & More This Summer

Maintain Your Bundles Through Humidity, Water, & More This Summer

Your hair is everything you imagined and you want to do anything you can to make the extensions last as long as possible. Follow the hair care tips below and your hair will stand the test of time.


Use Brushes and Combs Properly

To keep the hair detangled, use a wide-tooth paddle brush or comb daily. Because your extensions mirror your natural hair and it’s important to prevent extreme and unnecessary shedding, take care to not brush or comb the hair too harshly. When you rip a comb through a weave and detangling is not done properly, it may lead to shedding, as well as excess damage. 

Detangle the weave when wet

Another way to keep your hair tangle-free is to detangle the weave while wet. You can do so by manipulating the hair with your hands or with a wide-tooth comb or brush. And, if you want extra assistance, use a recommended detangling product (listed in the Mayvenn hair care guides that come with each order) to help make it easier to detangle the weave hair. If you choose to air dry, section the hair and braid it to keep the hair from tangling while it dries. 

Wash/Co-wash regularly

Dirt and oil can build up on weave hair just like it does on your natural hair. It is vital to wash your extensions in order to keep the hair healthy and prevent damage. Conditioning is also necessary to retain moisture and to prevent the hair from becoming dry, which may also lead to avoidable issues, such as shedding and matting. Depending on the texture of Mayvenn hair, you may be required to co-wash instead of performing a full shampoo. Washing and conditioning keep the hair looking fresh and supports longevity. 

Tie it Down At Night

Your hair should always be protected while you sleep. A silk scarf or bonnet is the best option for human hair, as they protect hair from friction and help to retain moisture. Depending on the texture you purchase, you may need to section and braid your hair or put it in a ponytail before tying the hair down at night.

Which of these tips do you need to try to keep your bundles looking fresh?

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