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Vacay Slay: How To Keep Your Weave Fly On Vacation

How To Keep Your Weave Fly On Vacation

You know you're a true hair addict when the first question that comes to mind after booking a vacation is 'Which hairstyle should I wear?' Of course, this question really translates to, 'Which hairstyle will have the boys blowing up my phone line and the girls calling me Buffy the weave slayer while I casually sip mojitos by the resort pool?'

We're right there with you.

Picking a vacay look is almost as fun as deciding on the destination because we all know that swangin' bundles of something Peruvian or Brazilian on a tropical island beach somewhere is secretly what you're really traveling for.

Even if you don't have an exotic trip planned, summer is finally here! So you'll have plenty of fun weekends in the sun. Keep reading for our quick tips on how to wear weave on vacation!

slaycation wear weave on vacation

Look, ain't nobody got time for sand or sea ruining your hairdo, so choose a style that doesn't need too much manipulation. Curly hair is lower maintenance than straight hair because it doesn't require much styling, while straight hair you may need to flat iron or curl it from day to day. Can't decide? Go for the best of both worlds: wavy hair. It's already styled and looks amazing while wet (don't forget to protect your leave out)!

slaycation wear weave on vacation

Headed somewhere where 90% humidity is the norm? Make sure to grab light oils like coconut or jojoba to slick down your style and fight frizz. Off to a big city where it's going to be chilly? Grab ALL the moisturizer you can to keep your hair moist in the drier in the conditions. Different hair textures react differently in different climates, so make sure you're prepared!

slaycation wear weave on vacation

It seems to go without saying, but some of y'all still have that 'I woke up like this' mentality. Newsflash! You're hair is not above the nighttime struggle. We've got two words for you: silk scarf. Or silk bonnet...or silk pillowcase--doesn't matter! Just grab all the silk you can. Did we mention silk?

Unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics, silk doesn't get greedy and suck out all the oils from your hair. And due to its slippery nature, your style won't be disturbed, allowing you to truly wake up like this.


slaycation wear weave on vacation

TSA never loved us. Which is why you'll be a sad Sally at the security checkpoint when they toss out that full-sized bottle of your favorite conditioner. TSA allows liquids up to 3.4 oz. and they all must fit in a quart-sized plastic Ziploc bag. Before you head out on that fab getaway, take stock of what you'll need to keep your hair in check. You can either buy cheap travel-sized bottles at a drugstore, or head to Sephora or Ulta and ask for complimentary travel-sized hair products. Here's a quick travel packing list depending on if you're wearing your hair straight or wavy/curly:

Packing List:

  • Heat Protectant (straight hair)
  • Curl styling gel or mousse (curly/wavy hair)
  • Your favorite moisturizer or leave-in conditioner
  • Silk Bonnet/Silk Pillowcase (told you we were serious)
  • Edge Control
  • Any styling tools you may need (blow dryer, flat iron, etc.)

slaycation wear weave on vacation

You didn't book that getaway to be focused on what your hair is doing 24/7. If all else fails, braid it up and keep it movin'.

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