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How to Re-Create Yara Shahidi's Hairstyles

How to Re-Create Yara Shahidi's Hairstyles

Yara Shahidi's character on Grownish, Zoey Johnson, has become a household name, similar to Whitley Gilbert’s character from A Different World. Gilbert, portrayed by Jasmine Guy, (who could be trademarked as the original bad and boujee) paved the way in order for Yara Shahidi to share an honest account of the modern-day experiences of what college life is like for a Black woman.

While Jasmine Guy is best known for her unapologetically savage personality and favored for her Chanel suits and scarves, Yara Shahidi has had a massive impact on the mainstream acceptance of Black hair (on and off the screen) and has shattered traditional standards of beauty by using her hair to showcase multiple expressions. Yara lets her hair speak for herself.

So, while Grownish touches on the relevant social issues faced today, for many, like myself, watching the various Zoey Johnson hairstyles adds an extra layer to the show because it feels like a liberation. It is very rare to see Black hair in so many different forms, and it makes the show’s representation feel even more important. It proves that the next generation of Black-led stories will only continue to evolve and represent parts of the Black experience that are rarely portrayed on television.

Here are some of my favorite hairstyles by Yara and tips on how to re-create them:

Yara Shahidi

“The key is to section the hair neatly before braiding,” says my hairstylist Karen Miller. Sectioning is everything because it allows you to see the detail of the braid pattern.

Then, once the hair is sectioned, remember that the best braiding styles aren’t rough on the edges. Grab, Design Essentials sleek MAX edge control and brush your baby hair around the edge and twirl around your air in an S-formation to achieve this goddess look.

Yara Shahidi

This effortless look can be accomplished with just some gel, curl cream, and water. First, we’ll part the hair down the middle and then separate the front of the hair from the back. Spray the front down with water and apply a cream styling agent and a gel.

Products like Curl Daze’s shine gel with kukui oil and The Doux Twist & Curl Cream are my favorite because they promote healthier hair growth, shine, and movement.

“Be sure not to comb the gel through your hair,” Miller reminds me, “apply it on your hands and scrunch the surface of your curls with an open palm, and lightly.”

The last step is wetting the rest of the hair and, while it’s soaking wet, apply more product.

Yara Shahidi

This look is glamorous in just a few simple steps.

Line up your pony so it’s in the middle of your head and spread your hair out in a half-circle. If you’re feeling yourself grab some extensions and tie them around your pony using bobby pins to hold them down in the back.

Once the pony is set and ready grab some edge control and design your baby hairs.

I like to add drops of Glammed Naturally Growth Oil to add extra shine to my edges.

Pro tip: Having trouble figuring out how to align your high pony? Start with lining your pony by your cheekbone and pushing it back in a diagonal formation until it reaches the middle of your head.


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