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Hair Not Getting In Formation? Here's How To Still Slay

Hair Not Getting In Formation? Here's How To Still Slay

If you’re anything like me, a bad hair day usually results in an even worse mood. There’s nothing more discouraging than having to face the world with hair that doesn’t represent your best self.

Thankfully, there are many accessories and quick hairstyles that will not only save you from the embarrassment of a bad hair day, but also save time from trying to “fix” hair that won’t cooperate. Consider these options on how to hide a bad hair day when your hair refuses to let you be great:

Turbans/Head Wrapshow to hide a bad hair day weave

I am fascinated with turban styles and head wraps (and slightly jealous because I believe my head frame is too small to pull one off). Remember the days when wearing anything that resembled a scarf outside of the comfort of your home was deemed “ghetto”? That is no longer the case. There are so many designs and prints of scarves and turbans now that they are a great way to hide a bad hair day, and look stylish at the same time. Turbans are also versatile in that they allow you to go from day-to-night, or make the transition from dressy or casual. Whether your hair is a complete mess and you need to cover it in a turban, or your roots are in need of a touch-up, there’s a turban out there for you.

Hatshow to hide a bad hair day weave

Back in the day, my mom always told me that hats were only acceptable to wear in the winter to protect my head and face from the bitter cold. Now, hats are just another cute accessory or a means to camouflage messy hair. Did you make the mistake and fall asleep without re-twisting your hair and woke up to a disaster? If so, there’s no need to worry. Try a fedora or trilby inspired style hat to press the top of your hair down and use product to fake curls on the remaining hair that’s left out. If your natural hair is too full to fit in the hat, try pinning down the crown of your hair with bobby pins.

For those of you who rock funky short cuts, throw on a patterned cap and use edge control to slick your edges down with the top portion of your hair left out. With tricks like these, no one will ever notice your hair. The only potential downside to hats, however, is that although there are options, you have to be sure that whichever hat you choose is appropriate for the setting you are in. Don’t make the mistake of rocking a fitted sports cap to your weekly board meeting. Keep your job, sis!



how to hide a bad hair day weave

Headbands are also a favorite hair accessory, and a great alternative for masking a bad hair day. The good thing about headbands is that they are made in various sizes and designs. They can range from thin & simple to large & bedazzled, for the days you are feeling fancy. What I like about headbands is, just like turbans, they are multifaceted. They can be worn to work or to the mall, to take the attention off of a raggedy weave or to add flair to your pixie cut that needs a touch-up. Try a headband to spare yourself a few extra days of having to run to the hair salon.

Bonus: Buns (Top Knot, High Bun, Low Bun, Any Bun!)

how to hide a bad hair day weave

Rocking a bun is the ultimate cheat code for a bad hair day. You can achieve this look with natural, relaxed hair, or a 360 frontal, and the best part is, you can use one of the accessories I mentioned to spruce it up! You can also add other styles within the bun such a braids or twist to give it more flare. Grab your bobby pins, a headband and a load of styling gel and style your bun however you want!

Bad hair days don’t have to result in a bad day. We have too many accessories available to walk outside resembling Little Orphan Annie. Don’t let your hair intimidate you when it goes against the grain. Put on a turban, headband, hat or wear it in a bun and slay!

What are your methods on how to hide a bad hair day? Let us know in the comments!

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