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How to Get Vacay Ready

How to Get Vacay Ready

Vacation season is in full swing! Thus far, I have gone on four fabulous vacations this summer and have four more left. We know the essentials as far as what to pack: sunscreen, clothing for day and night, bathing suits and other toiletries. But what about the personal prep we need to make sure we are ready for what our vacations have in store? Here's my vacation prep list to get you ladies ready for the trips you’ve been anticipating.

Bikini Wax

If you’re choosing to go hairless this summer, skip shaving and razor bumps and treat yourself to a full-on wax. With these high line bikinis, you’ll need it. You’re already spending money on your vacation, so an additional $50-$100 won’t kill you. It saves you time on shaving, limits potential scarring, and it lasts longer. Hair removal is a totally personal choice, but if you’re choosing to go bare, do it the easier way, sis!

Get Vacation-Ready Bundles

Are you looking to have envious tresses on your next vacation? What about a sew-in or full lace frontal to protect your natural hair from that river excursion you’re going on? Well, Mayvenn has something for you. 

Schedule Your Excursions Ahead of Time

You want to maximize as much of your vacation time as you can, and trying to plan your day to day itinerary while you are there just wastes time unnecessarily. I personally cannot stand to have people on vacation sitting idle. We are on vacation to enjoy ourselves, so if there’s specific downtime, that should be mapped out in the itinerary. It can also cause chaos and tension within your vacation group (if you are traveling with others) when people disagree on what to do. Sit down or create a group chat with your travel group ahead of time so that you can plan out exactly what you want to do. You don’t have to have a jam-packed day to day itinerary but there should be a general idea of what you’ll do. If plans change while you’re there, that’s fine; but, it will make your trip worthwhile to have a schedule of options to guide you.

Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High

Yes it’s your vacation and it should be as amazing as you had hoped for, but setting unreasonable standards will only cause unnecessary pressure. Vacation is supposed to be a break from stress and your daily work life, it’s not supposed to add to it! It’s something to look forward to. If your schedule doesn’t work out exactly as you expected and you’re unable to do everything you wanted, so what. Don’t get into arguments with your group or your bae, or sit around upset and disappointed if certain things don’t go your way. Go on your vacation, sip on your cocktails, sleep in whenever you can and have a grand ole time!


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