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How To Get The Hairstyle You Want From Your Stylist

How To Get The Hairstyle of Your Dreams

There will come a point in your life (or multiple points) when you wake up one morning, look at your hair, and want to chop it all off a la Britney Spears' infamous meltdown in 2007.  Ok--maybe not that drastic, but you know what we mean. When you're completely over your hair, nothing is as refreshing as a new hairdo.

While a style switch-up is an almost guaranteed way to get an extra boost of confidence, it only works if your stylist gets it right. Our strands are precious and we trust our stylists to work their magic to make us fierce everytime. But they're not mind-readers. Getting the exact haircut, color, or style you want is a matter of openly discussing your expectations with your stylist so you're both on the same page.

Ready to get the hairstyle of your dreams?  Follow our tips and you'll become the definition of #HairGoals.


Bring a Picture

how to get the haircut you want how to get the hairstyle you want
Model is wearing Mayvenn Indian Straight Dark Blonde in (3) bundles of 20 in with a matching frontal.

The most important thing you can do to get the exact hairstyle you want from your stylist is to bring in a picture. Mayvenn stylist Wanda Floyd of Bay Area based salon Inspirational Cutz & Designs agrees, 'A picture is always best. While they are showing me the picture we can go over what's most important to them. It is then that we will talk about their expectations, and my ability to recreate this look for them. I will come as close to it as possible with my own signature touch.' Speaking of a signature touch, let your stylist know beforehand if you want her to add something extra to your look. Sometimes a 'signature touch' means you're getting the throwback Farrah Fawcett flip instead of The Rihanna wave.

What's Your Hair Type?

how to get the haircut you want how to get the hairstyle you want
Model is wearing Mayvenn Curly Hair in (3) bundles of 16in, 18in, 20in with a matching closure.

When you determine the style of your dreams, make sure your hair is able to actually be manipulated into that style. Convincing yourself that your 4c kinky hair will be able to blend in with an Indian straight weave (without a closure or frontal at least) is just a setup for major disappointment. If you're prepared to use chemical products to achieve curls when your hair straight or vice versa

Know The Lingo

how to get the haircut you want how to get the hairstyle you want
Model is wearing Mayvenn Brazilian Deep Wave in (4) bundles of 16in, 16in, 18in, 20in with a matching closure.

You're determined to do something drastic and decide that you're going to chop it all off and go for a bob haircut. But is it just a bob you're looking for? Or is it an asymmetrical bob? A lob? A blunt cut? An undercut? With so many trendy variations on one classic cut, it's time for you to get savvy with the lingo stylists are using to identify a hairstyle. It'll also save you the embarrassment of walking into a black salon and asking for boxer braids instead of cornrows.


Maintenance Costs

how to get the haircut you want how to get the hairstyle you wantModel is wearing Mayvenn Indian Blonde With Dark Roots in (3) 10in bundles with a matching closure.

If you're getting a protective style like faux locs or box braids, you don't need to make regular trips to the salon to maintain them. But with a style that's a bit more involved like coloring or bleaching, your maintenance costs are going to rise. Consult with your stylist before you do something drastic to make sure you're fully aware of any post-salon costs. If it's out of your budget--you need to cut it!

What's your dream hairstyle? Let us in the comments!

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