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How to Choose the Right Hairstylist

How to Choose the Right Hairstylist

Looking for a hairstylist that accommodates your hair needs can be a struggle, but it’s not impossible! There are a couple of key steps that go into finding a great stylist like research, recommendations, pricing, and consultations. Here are a few tips that’ll help you find the right stylist for all of your #hairgoals.

Do Your Research

To begin your search for a hairstylist, you must first do your research. You want to find someone that specializes in your hair type and style. Doing a Google search is a great first step for your quest. Search for hairstylists in your area and see what salons and hairdressers appear. Reading the reviews is a great way to get a good gauge on how well-versed the stylists are, because you are getting references from people who have experienced the service. Look at recent reviews and images to read about the experience from new clients.

Asking for recommendations from people who have the hairstyles you aim to achieve is also a great way to find a stylist. You are able to have a conversation with them about their experience and see if that matches what you are looking for.

Another great resource is social media. Many stylists and salons have Instagram and Facebook pages where they display their work. If you see a style that they have done on another client, you can seek out that stylist to perform the same style on you. Websites are also a great resource to view testimonials from clients.

Book a Consultation

Once you’ve sought out a few stylists that you are interested in working with, book a consultation with them so you can have a conversation about their experience and the service you are looking for. This is an important step when it comes to finding a stylist. You want to take this as an opportunity to ask questions and show the stylists photos of the hairstyle you are trying to achieve. Make sure they are up to date on the latest trends.

You can also tell them more about your hair, how you usually style it, and what products you normally use. Making sure their personality fits well with yours is also important. You want someone who knows how to style your hair, but also someone who you can have great conversation with. Think of this process as an interview - you’re trying to see if the hairdresser can fill the position.


Now that you have had a chance to consult with a hairstylist, it’s time to figure out the pricing of your services. Normally the stylist will give you the price of their services during the consultation. This will give you time to think over your options before officially booking an appointment. You don’t necessarily want to go with someone whose services are the least expensive because they may not put as much time and effort into your hair. Finding a stylist that has midline pricing and a good amount of experience may be the best option. If you’re constantly disappointed with the way your hair turns out, I would recommend going with a stylist that has great work and experience, even if their services may be on the higher end of the scale. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Don’t let the pricing play too big of a role in your decision in finding a stylist that’s right for you.

Book the Appointment

If you’re satisfied with the stylist you have chosen, it’s time to go ahead and take the leap of faith and book your appointment.


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