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Have Waves for Days With Mayvenn's Wavy Bundles

Wavy Hair Inspo

Before Kanye West became Kim Kardashian’s hair and fashion consultant and she began looking one-dimensional in nude outfits and bone straight hair, she was known for bodycon dresses and her long wavy tresses. I loved her former signature look. While she’s longer rocking the wavy hair look, I enjoy seeing it on others and lucky for those like me who adores the waves, Mayvenn has wavy bundles on deck!

The wavier hair is normally thicker in texture, natural in appearance and if you buy bundles in different lengths it’ll give you amazing layers and body. The waves gives off a natural and permanent curl so not much manipulation or curling with the use of a curling iron or wand is necessary, unless you choose to. It doesn’t tangle easily and you can create additional or deeper waves with hand manipulation, or a wide tooth comb to sustain the wave and protect it from heat damage. Remember, Mayvenn’s bundles are 100% virgin, meaning it takes as much care and protection that it would require for your natural hair maintenance.

While wavy hair is simplistic, it’s also the most sensible. It also gives you a little more dazzle being in the middle of a straight hair look (which I consider to be boring after a few days) and a curlier look which some may be intimidated to try depending on the fullness of the curls. You won’t have to worry about looking out of place in certain environments. Its appropriate for the office, a formal event, vacation or a night on the town. You can style it to your liking, wearing it down or getting more daring with your looks. Either style you choose, you’ll slay.

Take a hint from the styles below and collaborate with your stylist on which wavy look is the best for you.

Regal and Elegant

Prim and Proper

Added Curls

Risk Taker

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