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Happy Birthday Queen Bey! Beyonce’s Most Trendsetting Style Moments Throughout the Years

Happy Birthday Queen Bey! Beyonce’s Most Trendsetting Style Moments Throughout the Years

Our Queen turns 37 today (September 4)! She’s been giving us killer vocals, choreography, and fashion since 1997. It’s been fun to watch Beyonce’s style evolution as we witnessed her transform in the public eye from a teenage girl to a full-grown woman. 

Fashion has been in Beyonce’s blood since before she was born, something she recalled during her acceptance speech as the Fashion Icon recipient at the 2016 CDFA Awards. Her grandparents could not afford her mother’s Catholic school tuition, leading Beyonce’s grandmother to use her seamstress skills to make uniforms for the children in exchange for her mother’s tuition. That skill and passion was then passed down to Beyonce's mom, Tina.

Remember the days where Beyonce’s mom designed all Destiny’s Child’s clothing? Well, that actually began out of necessity. As curvier girls from Houston, Texas, there were no stylists or showrooms with sample sizes to dress the girls. Custom creative fashions were bred out of that disappointment via Tina Knowles, who became the group’s hair and makeup artist. When Bey went solo, she continued as her stylist for a number of years. Beyonce has since taken on more of a decision-making role in her style choices, but we can thank Mama Tina for all of the trendsetting fashions in her heyday - and even now when she acts as Bey’s consultant. 


Bey has always been a lover of looking her best. She credits her mom as her style icon and tends to be attracted to more classic and elegant pieces, versus trendier styles that’ll fade away. Her strategy has worked magnificently, as Beyonce continues to top the lists of every “best dressed” red carpet.

In honor of Beyonce’s 20+ years of giving us life, let’s take a look at some of her greatest style moments.

Original Destiny’s Child members at 1998 Macy’s event

Soul Train Awards 1998, custom Tina Knowles looks

Soul Train Awards 2000, custom Tina Knowles designs

Grammy’s 2001 - custom dresses by Tina Knowles

BET Awards 2007

BET Awards 2009

MTV Video Music Awards 2011

BET Awards 2012

Grammy Awards 2012

Grammy Awards 2013

2013 Super Bowl Halftime Show

HBO Life Is But A Dream Premiere 2013

MET Gala 2013

Change for Change Charity 2013

In Tom Ford, 2013

Grammy Awards 2014

All black in NYC, 2015

All white in NYC, 2015

Denim on Denim, 2015

Instagram shot, 2017

Instagram shot, 2017

MET Gala 2016

Super Bowl Halftime Show, 2016

Grammys 2017

Pregnancy fashion, 2017

Pregnancy fashion, 2017

Grammy Party 2018

Which of Queen Bey’s iconic looks has been your favorite?

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