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Halloween Inspired Hair, Makeup & Accessories That Are Acceptable For The Office

Halloween Inspired Looks for the Office

Halloween is naturally a time to be playful with our clothing, makeup and accessories. The bold, bright and often times dark colors that go along with the season give us a reason to step outside of our comfort zones and transform into our alter egos. But too often, these looks don’t work for the office. The last thing you want to do is scare your coworkers with your festive look and more importantly, go against the dress code and appearance policy in your company handbook. So, unless there’s a designated day where you are allowed to show up in full costume for an office Halloween party, try some of the following hair, makeup and accessories tips to get you through the fun holiday while also keeping your job.

(Presumably) Natural Hair Colors

There’s nothing wrong with added color, even a burnt orange, to show off your love of Halloween. Many like to drag their looks throughout the month of October; I, for one, LOVE that idea. But don’t show up for work looking like a box of Crayola Crayons or worse, an in the flesh version of Morticia Adams if you’re going for the scarier look. A simple highlight or full color that is close to natural (red, black, brown, blonde) will do. Because it’s Halloween, you’ll be tempted to go as dramatic as possible. If you’re feeling Poison Ivy inspired, go lighter with the red or green hair so that it blends more into your natural roots. Anything within the ombre family is strongly suggested as it looks more uniformed. Before doing so, consult your stylist to come to a happy medium. Go as far as thinking critically about how you’d be prone to judge your coworker if she showed up to work in bright orange hair. If you don’t think you’d accept it from your colleague, then I’d advise against it.


So this one will be difficult for most, but it’s necessary. A lot of people go overboard, even with costumes, and that’s the point of Halloween - BUT, sometimes less is more. If your costume is already at 100, keep the makeup minimal. A dramatic cat eye, smokey eye, or dark lip will work just fine...just NOT altogether...especially at work. I’ll even accept a few bedazzled jewels on the face or animal prints if done right. To be safe, stay within the bronze family if you are aiming for a tie in between natural and dramatic.


If you aren’t as daring with hair and makeup, honor Halloween in your own way through added accessories that go along with your wardrobe. Wear all black one day and spice it up with a top knot bun that shows off your bat-winged earrings. Or, choose to keep your hair down and add flare with a cat ears headband. You can even go full throttle with a spider inspired dress and spiked choker.


Do you plan to show up and show out at your office this Halloween?

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