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Hair Care Tools That Everyone Should Own

Hair Care Tools That Everyone Should Own

It takes a village to maintain your mane! No matter your hair texture or curl pattern, there are certain tools that we should all have in our stash of hair care tips and tricks. The usual bobby pins, scrunchies, and paddle brushes are just not going to cut it anymore. Here’s a round-up of hair care tools that you should consider owning.

Spray Bottle

Spray bottle

All hair needs moisture to thrive, so it’s best to keep a spray bottle handy. Spray bottles are great when your hair needs to be refreshed in the middle of the week or if you’re going to start your pre-poo for wash day. They’re also great for when you don’t want to get all of your hair wet, and only want to dampen certain sections. You can also create your own spritzes by combining water, leave-in conditioners, oils, and other natural ingredients. Spray bottles are fairly inexpensive, so grab yourself one as soon as possible!

Brushes & Combs

Hair brush

One brush does not fit all when it comes to your tresses. Having the right combs and brushes is key to preventing split ends, minimizing frizz, and maintaining the overall health of your hair. You should have a collection of various brushes in your hair care stash because they all have different uses. Some brushes and combs you should consider adding to your collection are a Denman brush, detangling brush, rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, a hair pick, and a brush for your edges.

Blow Dryer

Blow dryer

No matter your hair texture, a blow dryer is a MUST! There are so many different uses and benefits you can get from owning a blow dryer. First and foremost, it is a great tool to speed up the drying process so you don’t have to wait hours for your tresses to dry. You can also add different attachments to your blow dryer that help with styling techniques. Some attachments include a concentrator nozzle, diffuser attachment, and a hair pick. Whether you’re rockin’ your natural hair, a wig, or extensions, a blow dryer can assist you with any style!



Wearing a bonnet is beneficial for all hair types. It helps maintain your tresses while you sleep so you don’t have to worry about a style messing up or your hair being frizzy when you wake up. Bonnets are great for protecting your hair from damage and tangling and can maintain moisture overnight. Your hair will love you if you add a satin or silk bonnet to your collection of hair care tools. If you don’t own a bonnet, you need to purchase one ASAP.

Hair Clips

Hair clips

Work smarter, not harder by adding hair clips to your stash of hair care tools. Durable clips are great for when you’re detangling or styling your hair. They’re able to hold your hair in place so you can concentrate on one section at a time. They won’t snag your hair as most hair ties do, so they are a great alternative to use when sectioning your hair. These will quickly become a staple hair care tool for you to section, control, and style your hair.

Hair Steamer

Hair steamer

If you’re not using a hair steamer (like the one pictured above by Q-Redew) on your locks, then you’re missing out on so many hydrating benefits. As mentioned earlier, your hair needs moisture to thrive and this hair care gadget can help with just that. A hair steamer can enhance the routines for your treatments, deep conditioners, and cleansers by opening up your hair cuticles so the product absorbs more efficiently and your scalp gets more circulation. It’s great for all hair types because it helps to make hair more manageable, shiny, and support overall hair health. Plus, they are so relaxing! If you don’t already have a hair steamer, grab one today.

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