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Nail Your Look With This Complete Guide: What is Virgin, Remy and Yaki Hair?

Nail Your Look With This Complete Guide: What is Virgin, Remy and Yaki Hair?

We all love to rock a natural-looking extension, wig, or weave, but the choices can be overwhelming. You’ve heard terms like remy hair thrown around, but what is remy hair? And what about yaki hair? Is yaki hair remy hair? And then of course there’s virgin hair. You may have heard virgin hair is remy, but not all remy hair is virgin- so what does that even mean?

Ok, deep breath. Yes, it can all seem a little overwhelming at first, but as always, we’re here to help you cut through the noise. We can help you dig into some of the most common styles and textures of hair extensions to make it easier than ever for you to find what you’re looking for. Between understanding the difference between remy and non-remy hair, and getting to know textures like yaki straight and kinky better, you’ll be ready to narrow down which hair is best for your desired look and lifestyle.

What is Virgin Hair?

First things first, let’s get to know virgin hair. Want to sport the healthiest looking locks? Go for virgin hair. This kind of natural human hair has never been dyed, colored, permed, or chemically processed. In fact, there’s a chance that it’s never been exposed to blow dryers or other heated styling tools, which is ideal if you’re looking for extensions that can last multiple wears.

Since there’s no damage to the strands, virgin hair tends to be stronger and last longer than other options. Though most virgin hair collected starts out straight, you’ll easily find bundles that have had their texture altered to create various curl patterns via a steaming process. You can also find dyed virgin hair, which means the hair was colored for the very first time during or after collection when the hair was healthiest.

What is Remy Hair?

If you do any hair shopping online, you’ve probably seen the term remy hair, but what does it actually mean? True remy hair is considered the crème de la crème of hair options—the best of the best. It refers to the quality and grade of the hair. It’s 100% human hair, which usually comes from donors ranging from one single donor to a small few, cut or shaved straight from the scalp. Because it’s real hair, it’s safe to wash, dye, cut, and styled like natural hair. It can also withstand heat like natural hair, so you can feel comfortable taking your favorite barrel wand to it.

Another perk of remy hair is that the cuticles are still intact and not stripped. Intact cuticles lay flat and protect the locks, making them appear extra shiny. The strands also all face the same direction from root to tip, which gives it that smooth and sleek look you know and love. And with all the hair naturally flowing in one direction, it’s less likely to knot and tangle.

So, let’s recap. You can find remy hair that uses (unprocessed) virgin hair strands, but you can also find remy hair that uses nonvirgin hair. Remember, this just means the remy hair may have undergone treatment or dying prior to collection.

What is Non-Remy Hair?

Stay with us here. Now that you know what remy hair is, it’ll be easy for you to identify non-remy hair. Non-remy hair may have its cuticles intact, but they will flow in different directions. It’s also collected differently than remy hair. Rather than getting it directly from the donor’s scalp, non-remy usually comes from multiple sources and sometimes includes “fallen” strands, which may have been pulled from hairbrushes, or even floor scraps.

Unlike remy hair, non-remy hair tends to easily get tangled and matted. It doesn’t look as smooth and soft as remy hair, it often has a shorter life span, and tends to shed.

What is Yaki Hair?

Now that you get the different grades of hair that are out there, it’s time to talk yaki. What is yaki hair? Yaki refers to the actual texture of the locks, not the grade of the hair. To get the look, the strands undergo a steaming (just water!) process to give them a micro kink, which imitates the look of natural hair that has been relaxed or straightened. Each individual strand has waves, which provide the overall texture. You can get the yaki treatment on hair that is virgin, remy, non-remy, and even synthetic (artificial hair).

Unlike the sleek and uniformed look that you’ll find with remy hair, yaki hair is an au natural style. It’s most often described as chemically relaxed Afro Caribbean hair with a natural-looking kink. It doesn’t stop there though. There are four types of processed textures of yaki hair to choose from: straight or silky; regular; kinky; and kinky curly.

The first style, straight yaki hair, is one of the most popular variants. It refers to yaki hair that looks like it’s been relaxed or flat ironed. With this option, you don’t have to reach for your straightening iron to get that pressed look.

Prefer something with a little more volume and texture? Go with regular yaki. It’s straight and similar to the first variation, but not as smooth—the strands aren’t poker straight. With its slightly rougher texture, it gives off low maintenance and laidback vibes.

Then there’s kinky yaki hair. If you go this route, the hair is unrelaxed and hasn’t undergone any treatments. Even though it hasn’t been pressed straight, kinky hair is usually blown straight—it’s a great natural look with a thick, full, and fluffy texture- think vixen level volume.

Finally, there’s kinky curly yaki hair. Forget flat irons and curling rods. This style hasn’t been relaxed, so it’s closest to a natural state with all the wavy texture. It’s great for big, bold looks that have tons of personality.

Yaki hair is fun and versatile, but make sure you look into how to properly care for it. Curling or straightening your yaki hair with high heat can damage the strands, so use extremely low heat or leave it to the professionals.

We’re not going to quiz you on all of that, but we’re sure you’d ace it anyway. Now that you’re familiar with all the ins and outs of hair extensions, check out the different types of hair that Mayvenn offers. We have virgin hair in eight different textures. Make sure you get to enjoy the fun stuff- getting creative with your look and feeling beautiful!

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