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Giving You The Best Of Us

Giving You The Best Of Us

We’ve evolved, but for a great reason. We are proud to share our new logo and rebrand with you. Our mission has always been to serve our community and customers in a way that no one else is. We’ve never seen ourselves as just a hair company- but a supportive friend with expert advice when you need it.

With the creation of our Mayvenn Services program, we realized it was time for a metamorphosis on the outside that reflected all the big changes happening internally. We are evolving to better reflect our community of fearless women by creating a space that celebrates individuality, talent, and how fun hair can be.

The entrepreneurial, hustler spirit has always played a big factor in how we operate. It’s why we are dedicated to providing expertise through our stylists, and round the clock customer service. Though we don’t plan to change that, we do plan to incorporate new series and events to engage with the Queens in our community.

When we were considering rebranding we reflected on all the positive achievements that should be shouted out more often. We value the power that women have to change any industry or room they enter. To best reflect this belief we wanted to develop a logo that would symbolize this strength. Mayvenn believes every woman wears a crown, which is why we have changed our M to resemble a throne.

Mayvenn rebrand positive image

We have always believed that hair is meant to be fun, the best way we could show that is by reflecting it in our new patterns. Our designs are playful and use brighter color combinations to represent the bright joyous spirit of women.

Our team is based in Oakland, but we are passionate about highlighting the beauty of women around the world. We want to hear fresh stories, see new faces, and support talented stylists on the rise. Our platform will serve as a place to gather inspiration and feel confident in trying new looks. Hair is an investment and we will provide in-depth videos and tutorials that will allow you to better understand your bundles and hair at home.

We are excited about this journey and look forward to highlighting the beauty of your crown.

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