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Fulani Fun: The Style Of The Season & Why You Should Continue Rocking It

Fulani Braid Inspiration

With just a little over a month left of summer, there’s still time to try that new protective style you’ve been seeing everywhere! You know the one - fulani braids are dominating the ‘gram right now and it’s no wonder why. They provide protection and are versatile in style. Whether swept to one side or with a part down the middle, the re-emerging trend is bringing out the creativity in everyone. While the Fulani style is certainly fly, there’s a deep-rooted history behind Fulani culture.

fulani braids

Photo: Pinterest

Fulani represents a people located within the western region of Africa. The braiding style is characterized by a pattern where cornrows are braided from the back to the front in combination with traditional front-to-back cornrows and even individuals. Usually, the braids are complemented by Afrocentric beading and hoops.

fulani braidsPhoto: @fesa_n from Instagram

Like other natural styles, each generation has been able to put their own spin on the style. Fulani braids are a nod to our African culture, all while paying homage to our ancestors. While images of gorgeous women, young and old, have been flooding the hashtag search, they’re not the only ones joining the hair party! Not to be left out, even men and children are taking to the trend and putting their own twist on the style. See these fulani braids for men below!

fulani braids

Photo: giftedhandsondeck from Instagram

The best part about this look? Maintaining it is a breeze! All you need is a braid spray or leave-in conditioner to keep it moisturized daily, as well as some essential oils. Spray the braid spray along the length of your braids to prevent breakage. Then, apply peppermint, lavender, tea tree or coconut oil at the root to invigorate your scalp, calm any soreness, and address any itchiness or redness. So, if you’re ready for the combination of low maintenance and afro-glam, set your sights on this trend that also gives the option of looking and feeling tailor-made.

fulani braidsPhoto: Jikoman

You can implement the style at the front of your crown or dive-in and rock them all over. Youtuber naptural85 has a tutorial that gives you step-by-step directions on how to try the style in combination with a twist-out. Lit, right? There are so many options to choose from - it’s all up to how you interpret the style!  There are about five weeks left of summer, but don’t feel limited to rocking your braids only when the sun’s out. Although the humidity and heat of summer has been known to cause damage to natural hair, prompting natural  to come out in droves, we should practice these same protective measures even when the cooler temperatures arrive. Because, believe it or not, it’s not just humidity and heat that can damage our hair.

fulani braids

Photo: @m.cofie

As stated in Ebony, it’s important to consider extending your protective hair-fashion into the colder, damper months as well. So, when it comes time to consider your ‘do for the next season, Fulani braids should definitely be on your list! They're lightweight, leave plenty of room for accessorizing, and they look stunning on everyone! It’s time to find your local hair slayer and book an appointment. And once you do, feel free to share with us your #fulanibraids looks.

Are you a fan of Fulani braids? Enjoy this gorgeous style and all of the golden hour selfies that it will inspire.  




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