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Fall In Love With These Dye Jobs on Your Mayvenn Bundles

Fall In Love With These Dye Jobs on Your Mayvenn Bundles

Fall is the season of rich tones, ombre, and darker hair hues. If you’re looking for color inspo for your new Mayvenn bundles, look no further than the leaves on the trees! You’ll begin to notice nature’s work as leaves turn from dusty browns and oranges and naturally transition to radiant shades of auburn, midnight blues, and army greens. The great thing about Mayvenn hair is that due to its natural steaming process, all virgin bundles can be custom colored by a certified stylist and be maintained and kept healthy with proper treatment and upkeep. Have fun with your hair during the cooler months and let your look match what’s taking place in the world around you! Here are fun dye jobs to consider as the weather cools.

Misty Blue and Purple

Blue is a bold color, but if done well, it can be a head-turner for all the right reasons. Dark hues that have an undertone of black or purple are great cool-toned shades to help you embrace the chilly weather. Work with your stylist to create a subtle hint, or go for an all-out navy blue head of hair to rock an enchanted princess look. Stay in the darker tones because the lighter you go, the faster your color will fall out of season and coincide better with warmer months.


Dusty Brown

Whether you are going for sandy, dusty, or dirty blonde, there are so many variations of brown that you can rock all throughout the year. I, however, tend to tread a little darker for the Fall weather. These brown shades are edgier than your everyday warm honey highlights. With smoky hues that incorporate chocolate and ash brown, you’ll have a modern color job that is not traditional by any means.

Autumn Auburn

This is by far my favorite color option for the Fall. It coincides so well with the season and matches everything from the leaves to the color of your knee high boots. Auburn hair looks amazing with the long coats that you’ll start wearing to keep warm from the chill in the mornings and it peeks nicely out of a fashionable hat. It makes any turtleneck sweater look ten times better with the color pattern! It’s also the most versatile because it blends well with all skin tones; anyone can wear this color confidently. Year to year, this color remains one of the most popular.

Ruby Red Variety

Red is a good signifier of the fall season. Although it’s an amazing hair color option, you have to be careful with red because every hue doesn’t pair well with every skin’s undertones. The good thing, however, is that it doesn't matter if you're the fairest in color or melanin-rich, there's a fiery red hue out there that will work for you. Talk to your stylist about which shade is best for you and be on your way to your custom red dye job.


Who Says Grey Ages You?!

Grey has become a popular staple over the past few years, and not just around Halloween when girls are dressing up as Storm from X-Men! We are getting more and more creative by incorporating variations of grays and extreme silvers to make our hair stand out! The platinum hair trend normally dies down during this time of year, so it’s a perfect time to head to your stylist for a new color job and go from platinum to a grayish-silver look.

Which of these fresh Fall looks are you ready to dye for?

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