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Christmas Hair, Makeup & Fashion Inspiration

Christmas Hair, Makeup & Fashion Inspiration

It’s Christmas time, and it’s typically party season. With COVID-19, options for parties are a little different and large gatherings shouldn’t take place, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t deck the halls inside. If you plan on attending a family member or friend’s virtual holiday event, here are a few fashion, hair, and makeup choices for such festive activities.

Any ugly Christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are always a thing, and the parties have become even more popular over the years. The good thing for those who aren’t into “ugly” fashion options intentionally is that the sweaters are actually considered cute nowadays. You can even purchase a kit to make your own.

Red or burgundy matte lipstick

I’m a girl who always loves matte red or burgundy lipstick, and it’s even more popping during the holiday season. You can wear the simplest outfit or even a natural beat face, but once you add the lipstick, it brings everything together. You’d be surprised how much your features pop with the addition of a beautiful lipstick. And considering the traditional holiday season colors, it’s definitely appropriate.

A pajama onesie

Listen, it’s cold outside in most parts of the U.S. during the Christmas season. I see no issues with wearing a cute Christmas-inspired onesie to wherever you are going - even if it’s just to your own living room. Whether it’s to a small brunch, a virtual family party, or your outfit of choice for Christmas day, rock a onesie for the win! They are comfortable and believe it or not, some of them actually look like jumpsuits.


Add a little sparkle to your outfit to be more festive. It could be on a shirt, a full sparkly bodycon dress, sparkly eyeshadow or lipstick, or just a piece of sparkly jewelry. Try to stay in line with the color scheme of Christmas: red, green, silver, gold, or a deep royal blue.

Big hair

I personally wear big hair all the time, but there’s something about big curly hair during the holiday season that reads Christmas pageant realness. If you wear big hair and a red lipstick, you’ll definitely look like you’re ready for a performance at Radio City Music Hall.

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